Russian Folklore--Links

Disclaimer: What follows is a list of links to various sites on the WWW which deal in some way with Russian folklore. The content of each site is under the control of its creator and I in no way assume any responsibility for it or vouch for its accuracy. Students in my Russian folklore class are encouraged to peruse these resources but to do so critically.

General Materials

Slavic Paganism

  • Slavic Pagan Culture
  • Mythological Encyclopedia (in Russian)
  • Dazhdbog in Russian Mythology
  • Russian Paganism
  • Myths and Legends A general site that contains some material on Slavic paganism.
  • Russian pagan gods.
  • East Slavic paganism.
  • Slavic pagan calendar
  • Pan-Slavic Traditions and beliefs
  • Moist Mother Earth
  • Wikipedia: Slavic Mythology
  • Wikipedia: Slavic Mythology: categories.
  • Byliny, Skazki, etc.

  • Russian Fairy Tales
  • Old Russia.
  • Stories and Legends
  • The Firebird

  • Mythic Birds
  • Vampires and Werewolves

    Devils and Spirits

    Magic and Superstitions

  • Witchcraft Denunciations in Imperial Russia
  • Songs, Proverbs and Sayings

    Folk Holidays

  • Russian Saints and Feasts
  • Calendar of People's Customs and Beliefs (in Russian)
  • Russian Folk Art, Architecture, and Dress

  • Music

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