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vol. 2.1, 2001

vol. 1.1, 2000

Volume 2.1 is up and running!

Welcome to egotistics, the online journal of EGO, the English Graduate Organization at The University of Alabama. This peer-reviewed journal is established to offer graduate students the opportunity to publish their critical writing, on any topic regarding literature and critical theory.

egotistics is published twice a year and endeavors to uphold the standards expected from an academic journal. We hope you will find material of interest here; we hope you will submit your writing. Having a publication can considerably increase your chances in the marketplace or when applying for a Ph.D. program. "Publish or perish" is perhaps a bit too harsh, but if there weren't an element of truth in the slogan it wouldn't be heard so often.

Send articles and inquiries to UA English Department, requesting the name of the new editor, or mail inquiries to the Editor, egotistics, The University of Alabama, Department of English, 103 Morgan Hall, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487.

Assistant editors: Jim Casey, Lea Davis, Kevin Crawford, Elizabeth Davis, Karen Tatum.

ISSN: 1530-3241.

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