Welcome to the Lozier Lab

Jeffrey D. Lozier, Ph.D.


University of Alabama
Dept. of Biological Sciences  
Science and Engineering Complex
Mail: Box 870344
Office: 1346
Lab: 1303
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487

Research in the lab focuses primarily on the use of molecular markers to answer questions about wild populations, with topics ranging from conservation of bumble bees, genetics of biological invasions, and speciation in herbivores and their parasitoids. Check out the Research Page for an overview of previous and ongoing projects. Most recently, I have been working to identify the severity and potential causes of bumble bee decline in North America, specifically to understand population genetic aspects of the decline. Much of our work investigates the role of spatial and abiotic variation in structuring neutral and adaptive genetic variation across species ranges, and linking genetic variation to phenotypic variation to obtain a complete picture of adaptation.


My lab is particularly focused on applying genomic sequencing approaches to investigate phylogeography, adaptation to challenging environments, and ways to predict the future effects of habitat fragmentation on historically well-connected populations. Much of this work involves exploring methods to generate large numbers of genetic markers from next generation DNA sequencing to enable strong inferences about evolutionary patterns in wild populations.

Masters and PhD students who are interested in a broad range of topics in evolutionary biology, ecology, conservation, and population genetics are welcome to apply to the lab.