1. Name the Five Ages of Man as given by Hesiod.

2. What goddess has a peacock as her special bird?

3. What is Ganymede's job on Mt. Olympus?

4. The gods on Mt. Olympus drink nectar and eat what food?

5. Who is the god of horses and earthquakes?

6. Why did Herakles abandon Jason and the Argonauts?

7. What three goddesses wanted Paris to award them a golden apple?

8. Apollo plays the lyre, but it was actually invented by what god as a baby?

9. Whom did Zeus punish for giving fire to mankind?

10. What is the Sibyl's job at Delphi?

11. What did Rhea give to Kronos (Cronus) in an attempt to save baby Zeus?

12. What city did Zeus decide is the center of the world?

13. Who were the sisters of Aphrodite, responsible for avenging murders?

14. Who were the "Moriai" (the Romans called them "Parcae")?

15. Why did Zeus swallow his first wife Metis?

16. What job do the Cyclopes do for Zeus in the forge of Hephaestus?

17. Who is Cupid's Greek counterpart?

18. When pirates attacked Dionysus, what did he turn them into?

19. Who were the "Maenads"?

20. Into what did Zeus turn Io to protect her from Hera's anger?

21. Who blinded himself when he discovered he had married his mother?

22. Who composed the Iliad and the Odyssey?

23. Who were the nine daughters of Mnemosyne?

24. Into what animal did Zeus change Lycaon after being insulted by him?

25. What is Apollo's favorite bird?

26. What weapons does Artemis often carry?

27. After Artemis turned Actaeon into a deer, what ate him?

28. Who leads the souls of those who die into the underworld as the "psychopompos"?

29. What is the punishment of Sisyphus in the underworld?

30. What is the punishment of Tantalus in the underworld?

31. What is the punishment of the Danaid sisters in the underworld?

32. What did the Danaid sisters do to deserve punishment?

33. What plant does Dionysus often entwine in his hair?

34. What plant does Apollo often entwine in his hair?

35. In what town did Agamemnon rule as king?

36. In what town did Menelaos rule as king?

37. What was the name of Odysseus' island?

38. What were the Argonauts searching for on their journey?

39. What does the root "-machy" mean in the words "Titanomachy" and "Gigantomachy"?

40. What did the Sphinx who gave riddles to Oedipus look like?

41. What monster did Bellerophon slay?

42. Why did Bellerophon end his life as a cripple?

43. Who killed Pentheus?

44. Who killed Orpheus?

45. Why could Orpheus bring his wife out of the underworld?

46. Whom did Hades snatch away to be his bride in the underworld?

47. Why did Demeter withdraw into her temple at Eleusis and refuse to let the crops grow?

48. What animals sit beside the throne of Cybele, the mother of the gods?

49. What two goddesses quarreled over Hippolytus?

50. Who founded the city of Thebes while looking for his sister Europa?

51. What did the Minotaur of Crete look like?

52. Who killed the Minotaur?

53. How did Daedalus and Icarus try to escape from Crete?

54. What did Herakles drag out of the underworld?

55. Who was Herakles' father?

56. What did Herakles take from the Garden of the Hesperides?

57. What weapon did Herakles carry most of the time?

58. From what animal was Herakles' coat made?

59. How did Herakles quickly clean the Augean stables?

60. What happened when Herakles cut off a head of Hydra?

61. What did Herakles take from the three-bodied monster Geryon?

62. How did Herakles help Alcestis?

63. What two gods competed for the right to be patron of Athens?

64. What creature's head did Athena wear on her breastplate?

65. What equipment did Perseus take with him on his adventures?

66. What woman did Perseus rescue and then marry?

67. What blind seer lived part of his life as a woman, and part as a man?

68. What did Agamemnon have to do to get Artemis to give him favorable winds to sail to Troy?

69. What great Greek hero killed the Trojan prince Hector?

70. What Greek hero took ten years to return home after the Trojan War?

71. What Trojan hero sailed to Italy and founded the Roman race?

72. Why did Zeus and Themis decide to start the events of the Trojan War?

73. What was the curse placed on the Trojan prophetess Cassandra by Apollo?

74. How long did the Trojan War last?

75. What was the name of the Greek woman held captive by the Trojans?

76. Whom did Odysseus find in his house when he returned home from the Trojan War?

77. What happened to Agamemnon when he returned home from the Trojan War?

78. What did the witch Circe do to the men of Odysseus?

79. What kind of animals protrude from the belly of Scylla?

80. What kind of reception did the Lestrygonians give Odysseus and his men?

81. What happened when Odysseus men ate the lotus flower?

82. What was the job of Helios?

83. What task did Phaethon try to take on that proved too much for him?

84. Why did Herakles and Apollo fight over a tripod?

85. Who loved Narcissus but had trouble communicating with him?

86. How did Pygmalion try to bring happiness and fulfillment into his life?

87. What does the word "Parthenon" mean?

88. What does the word "Acropolis" mean?

89. How did Acrisius try to keep his daughter Danae from becoming pregnant?

90. How many Graces were there?

91. Who asked Apollo for as many years of life as she had grains of sand in her hand?

92. What two-faced god did the Romans always address first in their prayers?

93. What were the priestesses called who watched the hearth of the city of Rome?

94. Who was the father of Romulus and Remus?

95. Whose suicide ended the rule of kings at Rome?

96. What caused the swift-footed Atalanta to lose her first race?

97. What animal did Meleager kill on his famous hunt?

98. Whose death did Orestes announce to his mother so that he could trick her?

99. Selene is the goddess of what?

100. How did the Aegean Sea get its name?

101. Why did Zeus create Pandora for mankind?

102. Who makes all the beautiful objects that the gods use on Mt. Olympus?

103. Which god is lame and so ugly that Hera threw him from Mt. Olympus?

104. What was the name of the place where Zeus looked up the Titans?

105. How did Lacoon get himself and his sons into trouble?

106. Why did Aeneas go into the underworld?

107. What skill did Demeter teach Triptolemus?

108. What is Demeter's Roman name?

109. Who is queen of the underworld?

110. From what hero did Dionysus take his wife Ariadne?

111. What is a "thyrsus"?

112. What is a "tympanum"?

113. What island did Apollo fix in place after he was born there?

114. The "Silenoi" are half human and half what?

115. The "Centaurs" are half human and half what?

116. What is the favorite fruit of Dionysus?

117. Who was the mother of Aeneas?

118. For whose love did Persephone and Aphrodite contend?

119. Who were the "Curetes" and how did they help Zeus?

120. With whom did Hephaestus catch Aphrodite having an affair?

121. On what island did the Greeks build a shrine to the head of Orpheus?

122. Who killed Jason's children?

123. Who told Oedipus that he would kill his father?

124. To what city was Oedipus taken as a child?

125. Who was the sister of Orestes who helped him plot his mother's murder?

126. What woman did Agamemnon bring with him from Troy?

127. What do Agamemnon and Achilles fight about at the beginning of the Iliad?

128. Who wrote the Theogony?

129. Who wrote the Metamorphoses?

130. What is Zeus' favorite weapon?

131. On what island was Zeus hidden as a baby?

132. What unholy food did Tantalus try to feed the gods?

133. Aeolus was in control of what natural force?

134. This divinity of "strife" helped start the events leading to the Trojan War.

135. What did Omphale force Herakles to do, against his will?

136. What gift did Dionysus give to King Midas?

137. How did Marsyas challenge Apollo?

138. How did Apollo punish Marsyas?

139. Who is the goddess of the crossroads who is sometimes depicted as having a triple body?

140. Who was the queen of Carthage who fell in love with Aeneas?

141. With which goddess did Ixion fall in love?

142. Which divinity fell in love with Psyche when he was not supposed to?

143. Into what did Daphne turn while Apollo chased her?

144. What island did Talos, the bronze giant guard, by running around it three times a day?

145. Who challenged Athena to a weaving contest and was turned into a spider?

146. What did the king of Mysia, Telephus, need to heal his wound inflicted by the Greeks?

147. What was Sinon's role in bringing about the fall of Troy?

148. How did Narcissus like to pass his time?

149. How did Patroclus die during the Trojan War?

150. How did the hero Philoctetes suffer after he inherited the weapons of Herakles and was on the way to the Trojan War?

151. Who attacked the Lapiths at a wedding feast and started a terrific brawl?

152. What was Asclepius' main function?

153. What goddess often took on the name "Pallas"?

154. What was the Palladium?

155. Who is the only goddess who wears armor?

156. Who is the god who is in charge of war, especially when it becomes chaotic?

157. What band of women attacked Athens and nearly destroyed it before Theseus and his soldiers drove them off?

158. What girl to Theseus kidnap while she was still very young in the hope of marrying her one day?

159. How did Theseus end up in the underworld?

160. Who rescued Theseus from the underworld?

161. What did Medea promise to Aegeus if he helped her to escape from Corinth?

162. How did Jason die?

163. How did Leander, lover of Hero, die?

164. Which divinity was born with a beard and struck terror into the hearts of his nurses?

165. Who defeated the fire-breathing monster named Cacus?

166. Who were the creatures who sang a beautiful song that nearly killed Odysseus?

167. How did sailors at sea know when the Dioscuri brothers were protecting their ships?

168. What were the sons of Oedipus fighting about?

169. How did Antigone die?

170. Where is the region called "Arcadia"?

171. What was special about the city of Dodona in ancient times?

172. What divinity was responsible for purifying murderers like Orestes from the taint of sin?

173. How did Thetis try to hide Achilles before the Trojan War?

174. What did Odysseus do to try to avoid participating in the Trojan War?

175. What is the "Oath of Tyndareus"?

176. What were the "Symplegades"?

177. What happened to the gods if they lied while swearing by the river Styx?

178. Who was the messenger of Hera?

179. What do we call the wand that Hermes carried?

180. What was special about the shoes of Hermes?

181. What is the punishment placed on Atlas by Zeus?

182. With what Greek god did the Romans identify Saturn?

183. What happened to Callisto when she died?

184. From what danger did the gods save Deucalion and Pyrrha?

185. What Greek goddess had the name "Minerva" among the Romans?

186. What Greek goddess had the name "Diana" among the Romans?

187. What was odd about the body of Erichthonius?

188. What did the Graiae ("Old Gray Ones") share among themselves?

189. What did Medusa have on her head instead of normal hair?

190. What goddess was worshiped by the drinking of kykeon?

191. Where did Theseus find his fathers sandals and sword?

192. How did Procrustes torture his victims?

193. How did Proteus usually try to allude capture?

194. What kind of tool did Poseidon usually carry in his hand?

195. Which goddess was trying to keep Aeneas from reaching Italy, because she was mad at him?

196. Which god is likely to be seen with a hammer in his hand?

197. Which divinity liked to blow into a conch shell?

198. What famous hero was buried at Colonus, outside of Athens?

199. Which god sent a plague into the Greek camp during the Trojan War?

200. What was the job of the daughter of Hera named Eilithuia (Ilithyia)?