The steps involved in this Web Quest are all on this page. To jump to a specific section, simply click on the title below, or you can scroll down the screen to see what is expected of you and return to the top when you are ready to go! This assignment should be fun, but I expect GREAT things from you. Follow directions carefully to be successful in your report to the Commission (also known as Mrs. Mays). Keep in mind that you have two lab periods in which to complete this assignment, so make sure you use your time wisely! You may also work on this assignment outside of long as you turn in the required work by the beginning of class on Friday.
The Task
The Process
Your Choice
Evaluation Guide
The Task
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Your task is to research and determine which of the four sources of alternative energy power plant you believe would be the most feasible in Tuscaloosa County and to prepare a report for the Commission.  Your report may be in written or in poster format, but you must answer all parts of the study to receive maximum credit.  
The Process 
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Step 1 :
Write a brief summary of the four proposed types of alternative energy.  Include at least 2 pros and cons for each type.
40 pts
Step 2:
Identify, in paragraph form, which of the four you feel is the most appropriate for Tuscaloosa County.
10 pts
Step 3:
Propose a location for the plant.  Include the reasons why you feel this is an appropriate location.
10 pts
Step 4:
Choose at least one option from the Your Choice Table found in the "Your Choice" page. Answer this problem fully.
Step 5:
Identify the chemical or physical changes involved in the energy production of  your plant (trace how energy is transferred from one form to another).
20 pts
Step 6:
Answer one of  Critical Thinking Questions on the Conclusion Page.
20 pts
Step 7:
Complete the self-evaluation from the evaluation page .
10 pts

Your Choice

Select one question from each category - one question from A, B, and C -- for three questions total. The number of points you will receive depends upon what questions you select and your response.
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Environmental Impact


Discuss pollution, including thermal pollution, air pollution, and waste products, that will be produced from your plant.  Include recycling of waste products if applicable.
           10 pts
Discuss use of the local resources.  Include recycling of resources if applicable.


15  pts
Discuss the environment impact or damage to habitats that might occur in the building of your plant.

20  pts
Social/Political Impact

How would the building and operation of the plant effect the local job market?

10  pts
Discuss the secondary impact of the plant on the local econmomy.  Include such things as tourism, quality of life, energy cost, etc.

15  pts 
Is your project supported by the local citizens?  Why or why not?  Include at least 2 supportive  views and 2 opposing views (These can come from interviews from other students).
20  pts
Specifics on Your Energy Supply

How does your plant work?  Describe the mechanics behind the production of energy. Include a diagram of  your facility.

20  pts
Site an example of an existing successful plant.  Include its location and  how long the plant has been in operation.  Discuss the life expectancy of the plant and the amount of energy the plant produces.
25  pts
Detail the energy generation of your plant using the chemical equations for the energy  generation and energy transfer process.

30  pts

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General Renewable Energy Sources Sites

Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology
EREN - Hydropower 

US Department of Energy - Clean Energy Basics

Power Matters: Hydroelectric Power  

Rezachek & Associates Energy and Environmental Resources

Facts About Hydropower

Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources

NREL - Hydroelectric Power

Energy Topics A to Z
Hydroelectric Power

Learning about Renewable Energy



Alternative Fuels Data Center: Solar

American Bioenergy Association

EREN - Solar Energy

Waste-to-Energy Plants

Solar Electric Power Association

American Ref-fuel

American Solar Energy Society

Biomass Energy Research Association

Solar Energy Industries Association

National Biofuels Program
Wind Energy

Barlow Projects: Waste to Energy Solutions

Wind Technology


National Wind Technology Center


Wind Power Monthly News Magazine



Wind Power in Iowa



Guided Tour on Wind Energy


Conclusion - Critical Thinking Questions
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Choose one of the following questions. 
Do you think that the United States should invest in one/several renewable, alternative  energy sources?  Why or why not?
If the United States did develop an efficient alternative energy source, how do you think that it would effect the governments interest in the conflicts of the Middle East?
Evaluation Guide
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All references must be cited.
Any additional references ("cool web sites") that you supply for us will result in extra credit points. (5pts each)
All students must complete and label steps 1-5.
Step 6 is required! Make sure you complete it.
To receive the complete point value, each question must be answered adequately using complete sentences.
Self-evaluation guide must be completed. Simply use your own paper and let me know how you think YOU did.
All projects are to be turned in on or before the due date.  Late work will receive a 10% deduction per day.  Please note that each weekend day will be counted.

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Use Evaluation Guide to complete the following table.

Points Available  
Points Earned
Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4
See Table

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Neatness/Spelling/Quality of Presentation

References Cited

Extra Credit