Andrew M. Drozd

Associate Professor of Russian 
Dept. of Modern Languages and Classics
University of Alabama 
Box 870246 
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487

Office: B. B. Comer Hall 213
(205) 348-8520

Course Pages

BUI 301 (Intellectual Crisis in pre-Revolutionary Russia)

Russian 101 (Elementary Russian I) 
Russian 102 (Elementary Russian II) 
Russian 201 (Intermediate Russian I) 
Russian 202 (Intermediate Russian II)
Russian 211 (Study Tour of Russia)

Russian 223/EN 311 (Russian Literature in Translation I)
Russian 224/EN 311 (Russian Literature in Translation II)

Russian 251/WL 389 (Russian Culture)
Russian 252/WL 390/EN 311 (Russian Folklore) 

Russian 270 (Russian Drama)
Russian 325/WL 389/EN 311 (Dostoevsky)
Russian 326/WL 390/EN 311 (Tolstoy)

Russian 351/History 361 (History of Russia to 1894) 
Russian 352/History 362 (History of Russia since 1894) 

Russian 361 (Advanced Russian Grammar and Composition I)

Russian 362 (Advanced Russian Grammar and Composition II)
Russian 401 (Readings in the Russian Press)

Russian 427 (Business Russian)
Russian 440 (Russian Phonetics)

Other Pages

Russian Web Exercises for Golosa
Czech Web Exercises
AATSEEL: Graduate Programs
AATSEEL Fonts and Keyboards:

Description of the UA Russian Program

 List of Publications


Andrew M. Drozd
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