Here are some software packages that may help you with your understanding of the Model of Nearby Space.

This Microsoft Excel 5.0a package calculates the scale size of the planet orbits and the equatorial diameters of the planets. You can enter a distance that will be one astronomica unit (1 a.u.) on your model and see how far the planets would be from your model sun, and also how small the planets would be to scale. To download the seft-extracting Excel file (called SSPLAY.EXE), click here. Then run the program (or double click its icon in the File Manager) to uncompress it. This will place a file named SSPLAY.XLS on your drive.

You can download or all.exe (which is a compressed, self extracting file for Windows) containing the following files:

motion.doc The entire module entitled Objects in Motion, which covers orbits, spacecraft motions, and aircraft flight.
seasons.doc Activites that explore the causes of the seasons.
phases.doc Activities that explore the causes of the phases of the moon, and the causes of lunar and solar eclipses.

You can also download motion.pdf, which is the entire Objects in Motion in Adobe's PDF format. You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free!

Also available in pdf format are phases.pdf and seasons.pdf. I apologize to our Macintosh users for not having converted these files to pdf format sooner.

All of the above files were created using Microsoft Word 6.0a, using the Apple LaserWriter Pro 630 printer driver.

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