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Alabama Section of AAPT



Our Annual Meeting will be on February 28th from 9am till 4pm at Harmon Hall on the University of Montevallo campus.Signs will be posted in the building guiding you to the rooms.


From the President:

We are looking forward to a great meeting at the end of February on Saturday the 28th at the University of Montevallo. It is not too late to decide to come just email me (Chuck Hanke) to let me know you are coming so we can plan accordingly. If you use STI PD sign up there to get your professional development hours. We have enough presentations to have several concurrent sessions so you will get to pick and choose what you want to see and hear. A partial list of presentations follows: Implementing Inquiry in the Physics Classroom, Celebrating Einstein and Pi Day, Projectile Motion Made Easy, Using Clickers in the Physics Classroom, Exploring the PhET Simulations, Opportunities for High School Connections in Particle Physics and Astrophysics, Measuring Systematic Errors with Curve Fits (in introductory labs), Global Warming How Much is Demonstrable?, Explaining How Energy Relates to Force and Rate of Change of Momentum, A New Vision for the Alabama Section of AAPT/Physic Fantasy ? What Were You Thinking?, and Great Online Resources for Teachers and How to Organize Them


Public School Teachers-Register at the STI/PD site for the meeting.


The session is: (PD Title No. AAPT-AL)


Other persons attending, please email Chuck Hanke, hankec@montevallo.edu

With your name.There is NO registration fee but we need some idea of numbers.


Silent Auction


A new event for the Annual Meeting will be a Silent Auction.Contribute an item and your bidding number is free.To view and bid on the items you must purchase a number for $2.What a bargain.Some items in the auction (and some you can contribute) may include:

Text books

Physics demos items



Kits on Scientists

Toys for a physics teacher to love


News Teachers Can Use:

DVD from ZTech, the PSSC film "Frames of Reference" is available in entirety online:



Found via Mr. Mont's blog:


Frames of Reference is also on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y75kEf8xLxI) and therefore it is easily downloadable into a form that can be edited into segments for use in your Keynotes or PowerPoints! What a great resource to use when teaching about Galilean Transformations, etc.



Ten Days of Newton


For Section Members


The Essential Exponential!
A collection of articles by Albert A. Bartlett, M. King Hubbert, and L. David Roper.
Edited by Neb. Section members Robert Fuller, John Rogers and Vicki Plano Clark. 291 pages, © 2004.

Special AAPT Section Offer:
 Box of 26 Books only - $150 + $20 shipping = $170 paid in advance!
Note: This is only is only $6.53 per book, postage paid!!! Your section could sell them for $10 each{the list price is $30!} and make a  profit for your section!

Do you have 25 students or section members who need this book?
(You can read the details about the book on the website if you don't remember anything about it: http://www.unl.edu/scimath/ - just click on The Essential Exponential! under CSMCE Projects on their home page.)

Order directly from Jane Kaufmann
Center for Science, Mathematics & Computer Education
University of Nebraska Lincoln
251 Avery Hall
Lincoln, NE  68588-0131
Phone:  402-472-8965
Fax:        402-472-9311
email:      jkaufmann1@unl.edu

Best wishes,
Robert Fuller
Nebraska Section

If you canít attend our Annual Meeting, please be current with your dues.Dues are from Annual Meeting to Annual Meeting (Even if it has not been 12 months).Send $5 cash or check with the information form to:

Tommi Holsenbeck

2833 McGehee Rd

Montgomery, Al 36111


Alabama Section AAPT

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