May Update

Alabama Section of AAPT


The new year for membership in the Alabama Section of AAPT is here.  Your $5.00 per year 2008-09 dues are requested.  Please send them to Tommi Holsenbeck, Secretary/Treasurer Ala Section AAPT, 2833 McGehee Rd, Montgomery, Al 36111 to continue your membership.   A check made out to the Alabama Section of AAPT will be appreciated.  I am attaching a membership form in case you want to pass it along to another teacher. 


Thanks to USA and Dr. Helminger for hosting the meeting and our wonderful boiled shrimp luncheon.  We had a wonderful time together learning and sharing.  Several attendees brought show-and-tell demos that were a big hit.  Our meeting for 2008 will be in Montevallo with Chuck Hanke as our president.  We will have a “mini-section” meeting at ASTA in October at The McWayne Center.


We discussed ways to honor and help physics teachers with our funds in the treasury.   If you have any suggestions please pass them on to our Section Representative, Dr. Stan Jones, stjones@bama.ua.edu


Some things to share from the meeting.


Dr. Simon is working on some virtual physics labs at



Go to www.southalabama.edu/physics under free software and see Michael Boleman’s Jag Fit and Plot Digitizer.


For information to train new physics teachers for the secondary classroom the site is www.ptec.org/programs

A good site for physics applets is: http://www.falstad.com/mathphysics.html

A letter from the President of AAPT (a retired high school classroom teacher)

May 6, 2008

A letter to physics teachers
From Lila Adair

In recognition of National Teacher Day, the American Association of Physics Teachers wishes to express its appreciation and gratitude to you for your work with the physics students of America. Whether you teach in a high school, a two-year or four-year college, or a university, you are making a difference in the lives of our future scientists.

What is a teacher?
A teacher is someone who leads you on the path of understanding.
A teacher is someone who inspires you to be your best.
A teacher is someone you can count on when you need a helping hand.
A teacher is someone who changes your life forever.

Great physics teachers are a gift. Their raw material is the natural curiosity of human beings. Teachers nurture that curiosity, develop a sense of wonder, encourage the thirst for knowledge, introduce the basic building blocks of mathematics and physics concepts, and help students apply those concepts to everyday life. Some of those students may become teachers in turn. Some may develop the skills necessary for serious physics research and go on to pursue advanced degrees, becoming the physicists of tomorrow. No matter at what level you teach, your role in the lives of your students is critical to their future success.

We are all teachers in one way or another. Teaching is an essential function in the life of every professional physicist, whether in a classroom, in a research laboratory, in seminars, in journals, or in dealing with the public on a community problem. Yes, we are educators, professors, researchers, or directors, but our first responsibility is to teach.

AAPT, as the leading organization for physics teachers and physics education, provides services to help you enhance your teaching skills. AAPT helps you enrich the lives and learning of your students and make your work more fulfilling. We invite you to join us — to read our outstanding journals, and participate in our workshops, seminars and conferences. We applaud your efforts, and we thank you for all your service to your students and to physics education.

Best wishes, and congratulations on your special day.

Lila Adair, President
American Association of Physics Teachers

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Send $5 dues to:

Tommi Holsenbeck

2833 McGehee Rd

Montgomery, AL 36111