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Some links shared by other AAPT members.  One might be helpful.

If any of you teach about flight this might be of interest to you. This is a film clip from the Austrian archives about the Wright Brothers demonstrating their plane in Italy in 1909. What is even more fantastic is there was an on-board camera on the Wright plane and the last part of this film shows it. 
Wilbur Wright is at the controls on both of the flights.  It’s a GREAT
 video considering it’s 100 years old and the quality/weight of the equipment of that day. Note the pitch stability and the yaw string on the canard.


A fun game to add for Crayon Physics lovers.



A circumhorizontal arc (also popularly called fire rainbow) is a rare optical phenomenon.



From: WC Maddox  Astronomy Lab Administrator, Auburn University
 This year is the International Year of Astronomy in memory of 400 years since Galileo started using a telescope to look at the sky. This week there is an event called 100 Hours of Astronomy in which observatories around the world will send astronomical images to the Internet. If you are interested in astronomy you might want to take time later this week to go to the web sites below. The 100 Hours of Astronomy stared April 2. The schedule is on the right side of the first web page. Additional information is below the schedule. Instead of Around the World in 80 Days you have Around the World in 80 Telescopes. Note that the time is in PST. It will be left as an exercise for the student to convert this to Auburn time.



Slashdot has an interesting article about superconductivity - it appears that there may be a superconductor that is both a type 1 and a type 2 superconductor.



Want to bring interest to you electricity unit.  This will get a laugh.



There is a new Academy of Science & Technology blog starting up.  One of the first posts is about the impact of the stimulus bill on STEM education.


A parody of "I Will Survive” for physics classes  



Try using MacScope.  Lisha Huggins gives it away free with the Physics 2000.  The total package cost only $10 and has lots of videos as well.  He has the Tacoma Narrows bridge video on the disk

A guy designed a boat so it did not make him sea sick.



Who needs mutants when people will bio-engineer themselves?




A parody of "I Will Survive” for physics classes  





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