November 2008 e-Wave

Alabama Section of AAPT


In this issue:

·       Tacoma Narrows Anniversary

·       Top Ten Physics Videos (all in one place!)

·       February Meeting at Montevallo

·       Call for Meeting Proposals

·       Silent Auction


November 8th was the 68th anniversary of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse.  It is an example of “an aerodynamically induced condition of self-excitation or negative damping in a torsional degree of freedom”, from the 1991 paper by Billah and Scanlan.   There are some good videos on the internet.


One place on the internet for physics geeks to love:




The Annual Meeting of the Alabama Section of AAPT will be Saturday, February 28, 2009 at the University of Montevallo.  A full day of presentations, sharing, and fun is being planned.  Please invite any of your colleagues and have them save the date on their calendar.


Attached at the end of this update is the “Call for Proposals” for the meeting.  Hopefully there will be enough contributions to the meeting that several concurrent sessions will go on.  The time frame is from 15-30 minutes depending on the number of presenters.


Another new twist to the meeting will be a “Silent Auction”.  We will use the funds for grants to high school teachers.  Collect any “physics finds” and bring them to contribute to a worthy cause.  Who knows you might find the item you have been waiting for only $2!


From Compadre:

PER-Central - A collection of physics education research (PER) information designed to serve as an online resource for PER producers and consumers. Here you will find links to articles and dissertations, research groups, PER-based curricular materials, news and events, and many other things of interest.

PTEC - The Physics Teacher Education Coalition (PTEC) is an association of physics departments dedicated to the improvement of K-12 physics and physical science teacher preparation. PTEC is an inclusive organization that recognizes the value of diverse approaches to the reform of teacher preparation and provides a forum for dissemination of innovative approaches and best practices in this field.

Physical Sciences Resource Center – the foundation for comPADRE, this site provides links to and reviews of web resources for the physics and astronomy education community

The Physics Front – high school teachers of physics, especially new and crossover teachers can use this site to find activities and lesson plans for immediate classroom use, demonstrations, laboratories, multimedia, syllabi, and other resources

The Astronomy Center – introductory astronomy course instructors can use this site to locate instructional resources and materials including images, applets, research and pedagogical articles, labs and student activities

Physics To Go – a non-physicist can use this site to locate general resources in physics, astronomy, and the physical sciences, such as online science museum exhibits, public demonstrations, and general interest articles






Please submit information as it should appear in the convention program.

List additional presenters on attached sheet.



























Wk                           Hm               



Wk                         Hm               
















SESSION INFORMATION--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Session Title ____________________________________________________________________________


Brief Description (25 words or less) ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you need more space use back



A.                  Hands-on workshop: presentation that actively engages everyone in the audience in a hands-on experience with materials.


B.                  Demonstration: presentation where presenter demonstrates a series of experiments or a scientific phenomenon.


C.                  Presentation:  opportunity to share an innovative teaching idea, results of research, or to discuss a topic of general or specific interest.


D.                  Other


Audio/Visual equipment needed, not supplied by you. _____________________________________________

A/V equipment is very limited.  Please indicate what you need.  We will contact you if we are unable to meet your request.

SAFETY:  Additional information will be sent to you if your presentation poses a safety hazard.  All presenters are expected to abide by standard classroom safety practices including, but not limited to, hazards involving combustibles, inhalants, projectiles and electric shock.

Send two (2) copies of this proposal by January 31, 2009 to: Chuck Hanke


Questions:HankeC@montevallo.edu           Session # ___________ Room ______________

                        Pass along this application to any interested colleagues.

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