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Alabama Section of AAPT

President-Marllin Simonmsimon@physics.auburn.edu

President-Elect-Duane Pontiusdpontius@bsc.edu

Section Rep-Stan Jonesstjones@bama.ua.edu

Secretary/Treas-Tommi Holsenbeckeholsenbeck@alasu.edu

Past President-Chuck Hanke†† hankec@montevallo.edu


Donít forget ASTA, Oct 20th at the McWane Center in Birmingham.You can register on-site.It is a great opportunity for science teachers to see new innovative classroom techniques and network with other teachers.The date and place of the 2nd Semester Ala Section AAPT Meeting will be announced there.



We are inviting all current members of Ala Section of AAPT to join a discussion oriented wiki.Everyone should have been sent an invitation, but if not go to www.wikispaces.com .Join wiki spaces and add http://alabama-physics-teachers-alasectionaapt.wikispaces.com/ as your favorite wiki.I will gladly accept your request.Come join our discussions on the HS page about parent involvement and on the physical science page about take home science.Please add your own subject and if you have files to share send them to me and Iíll upload them to the site.Letís make this a SUPER resource for physics teachers from all levels of education.Email me if you have more questions.



For those of you who are "Big Bang Theory" fans or who have students who watch the show, David Saltzberg, Physics Advisor to the writers and producers, has established a blog that you might want to read yourselves or pass on to your students.  The address is http://thebigblogtheory.wordpress.com/
Saltzberg gave a talk about the show at the 2009 Summer Meeting in Ann Arbor.  AAPT sent him t-shirts, mugs and Einstein figurines for the four cast members that we hope may appear on the show some day.


To register for a Physics Quest free kit on LASERs for 6-9th grade go to:




Why your spouse should be glad youíre a GEEK




THIS IS GREAT! TRY IT! Can you figure out how this works? 
  1) Go to the link below. After reading each window, click on the boy in the
 lower right corner of the picture. 
2) In the last window type in your answer in the white box using the
 Keyboard (there is NO cursor). 
3) Watch the paper in the boy's hand. You will be amazed.

Click here: http://digicc.com/fido/


This"laser show" would be great for explanations about how this works, both before and after instruction! 


As always an application to share:


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