October 2008 e-Wave

(I took one of the names for the new AAPT National monthly update)

Alabama Section of AAPT


In this issue:

·        Section News

·        Announcement for Yearly Meeting

·        Survey for Members

·        Journey to Palomar Opportunity with PBS Special

·        Membership Application


The Alabama Section of AAPT meeting will be in February at the University of Montevallo.  We hope to have a full day of sessions for everyone to choose from.   An invitation for presentations or workshops will come to everyone at a later date.


The “mini-meeting” at ASTA was attended by physics teachers that joined our section and are looking forward to the section meeting and a full day of PHYSICS!  


Attached in this email is an article from the Birmingham News about the shortage of Math and Science teachers.  We have heard about this coming for years.




The Section is surveying members to get input about the meeting and about how the section can help. 


Please answer the survey and return to Chuck Hanke, hankec@montevallo.edu or Stan Jones, stjones@bama.ua.edu, or Tommi Holsenbeck,  eholsenbeck@alasu.edu



Survey from the Ala Section of AAPT




1.    Our section would like to get help to high school teachers with our treasury.


What should the money be given for?

(ex. Travel to national meetings, classroom demos for give away, award for excellence?  Or some other use?)




    2. How should the recipients be selected?



3. Would you present–either some type of activity you have had success with in your classroom or your favorite demo-at the spring meeting, February 28th at the University of Montevallo? (5-15 minutes or 30 max)




4.    What would you like to see at the spring meeting?

____ Demonstrations for teaching physics

____ New classroom ideas /sharing

____ My favorite lab (it really worked well!)

____ Useful web site sharing

____ Guest speaker of some type

(Suggestion) _____________

____ Simulations

____ Other ____________________________



October 8, 2008 on the Internet Producers of the new PBS documentary The Journey to Palomar and the NASA Ames Research Center present


“George Ellery Hale’s Legacy and the Future of Giant American Telescopes”


When: Wednesday, October 8, 2008 - 11:00 AM (PACIFIC TIME) (2:00 pm Eastern; 8:00 am Hawaii)

Where: On the Internet


(Click on NASA Webcast) or quest.nasa.gov/lunar/palomar/


STUDENTS will meet producers Todd and Robin Mason of the award- winning new primetime PBS documentary The Journey to Palomar and learn about the super-human efforts of American astronomer George Ellery Hale and his colleagues to build the biggest telescopes of the 20th century, predecessors of the new mega telescopes being built today for the 21st century.

THEN, students will have an exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime chance to explore the universe, LIVE with America’s top astronomers who are building this next generation of giant American Telescopes. They’ll also have a look at NASA's LCROSS mission to search for water on the Moon, live from NASA's launch of the final Hubble repair mission at the Kennedy Space Center.  Students from Maine to Hawaii can submit questions directly to the experts via the internet.

SPECIAL GUESTS include Nobel Laureate Dr. John Mather, Science Director for NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope; Carnegie Observatories Director, Dr. Wendy Freedman on the Giant Magellan Telescope; and Caltech Optical Observatories Director Emeritus, Dr. 

Richard Ellis on the Thirty-Meter Telescope.  Moderator is Dr. 

Derrick Pitts, television personality and Chief Astronomer at the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia.


TO PARTICIPATE, go to:  www.journeytopalomar.org


THE JOURNEY TO PALOMAR is the story of American astronomer George Ellery Hale’s dramatic public and private struggle to build the four largest telescopes in the world, which set the stage for astronomy and space exploration throughout the 20th century, revealing the greatest discoveries since Galileo and Copernicus.  The documentary premieres on nationwide on PBS November 10th.  (Check your local listings for the schedule in your area.)  A comprehensive Teacher Guide (free download) accompanies the documentary at pbs.org in November.


Pass along this application to any interested colleagues.

aapt  Alabama Section AAPT

Membership Application 2007-08


Name:  ______________________________________________


School Name: ________________________________________


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Other phone:           _______________________________________


Email:  _________________________________________________


Occupation:  _ K-8            _HS Faculty   _2-Yr Coll   _4-Yr Coll   _ Univ Fac

                   _ Other

Send $5 dues to:

Tommi Holsenbeck

2833 McGehee Rd

Montgomery, AL 36111