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Alabama Section of AAPT

President-Marllin Simon msimon@physics.auburn.edu

President-Elect-Duane Pontius dpontius@bsc.edu

Section Rep-Stan Jones stjones@bama.ua.edu

Secretary/Trees-Tommi Holsenbeck eholsenbeck@alasu.edu

Past President-Chuck Hanke hankec@montevallo.edu


School is in full SWING and hopefully H1N1 isnít.


The current Professional Development opportunity is the Alabama State Teachers Association Fall meeting at the McWane Center on October 20, 2009.To learn more about the conference go to:



The Ala Section of AAPT will be represented there and publicizing our organization and our spring (2nd Semester) Meeting.Time and Place will be announced at ASTA.To help our Section and ASTA, we are partnering in a Silent Auction, similar to the one we help at Montevallo in February.We would like any and all donations to raise money.75% will go to ASTA (we are using their space and conference) and 25% to Ala Section AAPT.Theirs will go for teacher travel to a national NSTA Meeting.We tried to use funds for the Summer Meeting of AAPT, but no one applied.Our grant for teachers may continue or change to another version.But if you have anything to donate (physics or otherwise) please contact one of our officers and they can arrange to have it picked up or you may deliver it yourself the morning of the meeting.Hope to see you at ASTA.Two-Year College, College and University are always welcome.

Also for 2-Year College and High School teachers go to:

www.phyiscsworkshops.org for a wonderful opportunity.


A new benefit of Ala Section AAPT Membership

There is a new perk with your membership to Alabama Section of AAPT for 2009-10.A wiki has been created to host discussions among physics peers about all sorts of concerns.A physics teacher is often ALONE in the high school setting with no others to laugh at physics jokes.The biology and chemistry educators usually have others to council them, console them, bounce ideas off, and ask suggestions from.This site will have some resources and also recent Ala Section AAPT news, but also discussion boards to discuss or just to read.There are pages for all levels of physics: Physical Science, H.S. Physics, 2-Yr College, 4-Yr College and Universities.Each member can view them all and ask questions plus also give answers.There have been national groups hosting discussions, such as TERC with Labnet, but the Ala Section wants to try to encourage peer sharing and way to get answers to your questions.They could be physics based questions or requests but also classroom management, homework grading, make-up work selection, parent involvement, or any topic you select.Hopefully this will help physics teachers in varied classrooms bond to support student learning.Sharing is ALWAYS the best policy and everyone needs help sometimes.Maybe you can be the one to supply the support a physics teacher needs.You will be receiving an invitation to join within the coming days and hopefully you will say YES!Or go and ask to join.

Join www.wikispaces.com and then add http://alabama-physics-teachers-alasectionaapt.wikispaces.com/ to your Favorite Wikis.Let me know if you have any other questions about the Wiki.There is a HELP link to answer most of your questions.You can monitor a specific topic and you are notified by email.Just try it; youíll like it.

Request from National AAPT

AAPT is working on developing a campaign that would inform Guidance Counselors on why they should advise pre-college students to take physics.Do any of you work with counselors who actually recommend that students do take physics? If so, do you have any insights into what has persuaded these counselors that physics is beneficial for them? Send any information, suggestions to me and Iíll pass it along.Of course this could also be discussed on the wiki!


Some sites to check out:

I don't know whether your school blocks games, but your students might find some of the physics games interesting.

This post is about the comparative importance of algebra in physics (high school). http://scienceblogs.com/principles/2009/06/algebra_is_like_sunscreen.php#more


Watch this and see what folks have been arguing about:




http://physicsandphysicists.blogspot.com/ (Among the topics addressed on this blog are the physics of animating the new movie "Up".  Lots of interesting topics.





Pass along to any interested teachers:



Alabama Section AAPT

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Send dues ($5 or check to Alabama Section of AAPT) to:

Tommi Holsenbeck

2833 McGehee Rd

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