September 2008 Update

Alabama Section of AAPT


Big News in the Physics World-

Large Hadron Collider

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There is a rap on YouTube, but some schools will not let you access the site.


Help from AAPT for High School Teachers

High School Physics Teacher Grant

It is the goal of the AAPT to encourage high school teachers to experiment and improve on their teaching practices. It is our belief that as teaching practice improves, then physics enrollment and excitement among students increase. As a result, we offer the High School Physics Teacher Grant. We hope that this grant can provide the funds to kick start the implementation of these practices.

The grant(s) are given each year to teachers whose proposal meets the goal of the grant. That is, the procedure should result in better teaching practice, student understanding and interest, and/or increased enrollment. Also, the proposal should contain some innovative ideas. For example, the proposal may use a new teaching method or an adaptation of an existing idea.



Help students explore what it's really like to be a physicist--register your class for Adopt-a-Physicist.


Adopt-a-Physicist connects high school physics classes with physics alumni via online message boards. In this supervised, Facebook-like forum, students and physicists can talk candidly about careers, school, work, and family balance.


How it works:

-Physicists and classes create online profiles -Classes view profiles of registered physicists and "adopt" three whose interests align with theirs -Physicists and students interact through discussion forums for a three-week period (Sept. 29 - Oct. 17)


Teacher registration is open now and space is limited, so visit www.adoptaphysicist.org today for more information and to register!


This program is led by Sigma Pi Sigma, the physics honor society, which is administered by the Society of Physics Students of the American Institute of Physics.




The Alabama Science Teachers Association Conference is September 30th and October 1st at the McWayne Center in Birmingham.  Go to:

http://asta.auburn.edu/   to register and to learn more.  We will have a “mini-meeting” of the Ala Section of AAPT to introduce our alliance to more high school teachers.  Contact Barbara Reynolds, bareynolds@troy.edu or Tommi Holsenbeck, eholsenbeck@alasu.edu, it you would like to help.  


Pass along this application to any interested colleagues.


aapt  Alabama Section AAPT

Membership Application 2007-08


Name:  ______________________________________________


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Other phone:           _______________________________________


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Send $5 dues to:

Tommi Holsenbeck

2833 McGehee Rd

Montgomery, AL 36111