Links to other physics and science sites.  Somewhat random at the present, but will be organized soon.

The place to start looking for physics information:

A site with cartoons that are unconstrained by copyright problems:

Check out for inspired talks, 

Dr. Robert Bauman’s site:  

One place on the internet for physics geeks to love:

PER-Central - A collection of physics education research (PER) information designed to serve as an online resource for PER producers and consumers. Here you will find links to articles and dissertations, research groups, PER-based curricular materials, news and events, and many other things of interest.

PTEC - The Physics Teacher Education Coalition (PTEC) is an association of physics departments dedicated to the improvement of K-12 physics and physical science teacher preparation. PTEC is an inclusive organization that recognizes the value of diverse approaches to the reform of teacher preparation and provides a forum for dissemination of innovative approaches and best practices in this field.

Physical Sciences Resource Center – the foundation for comPADRE, this site provides links to and reviews of web resources for the physics and astronomy education community

The Physics Front – high school teachers of physics, especially new and crossover teachers can use this site to find activities and lesson plans for immediate classroom use, demonstrations, laboratories, multimedia, syllabi, and other resources

The Astronomy Center – introductory astronomy course instructors can use this site to locate instructional resources and materials including images, applets, research and pedagogical articles, labs and student activities

Physics To Go – a non-physicist can use this site to locate general resources in physics, astronomy, and the physical sciences, such as online science museum exhibits, public demonstrations, and general interest articles

Adopt-a-Physicist connects high school physics classes with physics alumni via online message boards.

Some things to share from the 2008 AL AAPT meeting:

Dr. Simon is working on some virtual physics labs at

Go to under free software and see Michael Boleman’s Jag Fit and Plot Digitizer.

A good site for physics applets is: