Alabama Archaeology: Research Game

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Archaeologists spend most of their time doing research. Before an excavation can begin, an archaeologist must read as much as possible in order to have an understanding of what he or she might find. Once the fieldwork is completed, additional questions might arise, sending the archaeologist back to the books. Furthermore, after artifact analysis has been completed, an archaeologist might have more questions about what an object is or how it was used. These, again, might require the archaeologist to do further reading.

This game is designed to teach you about the different sources that are available to archaeologists. Let's see if you can think like an archaeologist!

In addition to correctly answering the following questions, you will be tested to see if you can guess what the artifact below is and how it was used. Each of the questions contain hints that could help you as you go. So, without further ado...

This stone artifact was found during an archaeological excavation. Can you guess how this was used? Pick up clues throughout this game to see if you can figure out how Prehistoric Indians might have used this artifact.

Hint: Fishermen still use similarly made objects.

Let's begin!