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  • What is Alpha Lambda Delta?

Alpha Lambda Delta is a national society that honors academic excellence during a student's first year at a college. Founded at the University of Illinois in 1924, Alpha Lambda Delta has over 220 chapters across the United States and has initiated over 575,000 students. If you have been invited to join, you have accomplished something that over 80% of college freshman have not. This is an outstanding academic achievement during your first year of college!

  • What is the membership criteria?

Alpha Lambda Delta membership is open to all freshmen who meet the academic qualifications.  Students must be registered for a full course of study leading to a bachelor's degree and must rank in the top 20% of their freshman class.  The minimum scholastic average required for membership is a grade exactly halfway between the two highest grades given by the school (i.e., 3.5 or above on a 4.0 scale).  Eligibility may be based on grades of the first full semester or on the cumulative average of the first year in college.  Once initiated, the student becomes a lifetime member of Alpha Lambda Delta.  Members may remain active in the chapter throughout college.  Offices are held by members while they are sophomores.

  • What does ALD at UA do?

We are here to give back to the students and the community.  We are involved in many activities year round.  Usually, we take one "big" project a month.  Our "big" projects have consisted of  parties (i.e. Halloween, Valentine's, St. Patrick's Day) as well as working along side the Boys and Girls Club, Big Brother Big Sister, and various other community organizations.  Our members also participate in on campus activities such as Beat Auburn Beat Hunger. 

Our chapter also gives a scholarship to a local (Tuscaloosa county or city) high school student.  We also present an Outstanding Senior Award awarded to ALD senior who applies and meets requirements.  The award is presented on Honor's Day.


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