Fall Semester 2000

Lab Instructor: Andreas Piepke
Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Alabama Tuscaloosa

Laboratory Project for Fall Semester 2000:

The class is focusing on building a muon decay experiment. The students are in charge of planning and building a large, 200 liter, liquid scintillation detector, its data taking electronics and computerized data acquisition. A laboratory budget and access to the department's workshop are available.
As an introduction the class is starting with a series of short lectures on topics relevant to the project. These lectures cover: radioactivity such as alpha, beta and gamma-decay, interation of radiation with matter, radiation detectors and basics of statistical data analysis and error analysis.
As a "warm-up" several experiments on interaction of radiation with matter (using different radiation detector types), measurement of the half lives of Rn daughters are performed to familiarize the students with the practical aspects of those measurements.

The students can use the UNIX work station of the HEP group for data analysis and plotting. A laboratory account with the user name: "ph491" is available. The password can be obtained in the lab. PAW (run by typing "pawX11") is the recommended analysis platfrom. Two macros: plot_data.kumac and plot_histogram.kumac are available at this point to provide an interactive interface with PAW.

Experiment Descriptions

List of on-line resources: