Fall Semester 2002

Lab Instructor: Andreas Piepke
Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Alabama Tuscaloosa

Laboratory Project for Fall Semester 2002:

This class consistes of one hour lecture segments followed by work on the experiments. The lectures will cover the following topics:
The class will perform and analyze data using pre-prepared experiments.
Every student is expected to prepare a written report on the experiment and his analysis. These reports will be graded.

In the second part of the calss the student will build an experiment to test the theory of special relativity. We will try to set up a beta spectromenter which will allow us to probe the energy-momentum relation as given by special relativity and Newtonian mechanics. The class has a budget and access to the department's workshop. The class' syllabus and a set of safety rules are available on the web.

List of on-line resources: