Welcome to the Alabama Students for Constitutional Reform website. The ASCR is the University of Alabama's student chapter of the Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform (the ACCR). Our organization is nonpartisan, and merely seeks to promote information on the current Constitution of Alabama and its inadequacies. We welcome members of all philosophies and walks of life, even if they disagree with our stance. If you share an interest in the Constitution of Alabama, please feel free to contact our organization at ASCR@bama.ua.edu or contact our President, Matthew Lewis, at lewis132@bama.ua.edu. Stay tuned for more updates.

If you would like to be added to the ASCR mailing list, send an email to ASCR-L-Request@bama.ua.edu. Being on the email list will allow you to make announcements, and receive announcements from the ASCR.

Wondering why Alabama needs a new constitution? Click here to learn more. For more information concerning the constitutional reform movement, please see our Resources page, or visit the Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform website.