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No food or drink in the lab.  No loose metallic objects (paper clips, staples, etc.).  Protect your watches and credit cards.  Do your chemistry outside the lab.  Delete unnecessary files from the Aspect computers, and the transfer PC.

Current NMR scheduling policies.

  Contact (well in advance!) Ken Belmore for any questions.


Bad news for MAC users.  The off-line processing package Swan_NMR for Mac's is no longer being supported and can only run on older OS's.  See the SWAN homepage.

Link to MestRe_C homepage  Support this site!  Go register.  Other interesting packages are available at their site.  An older version 2.3 is available here: MESTRe-C off-line processing software for PC's  This is a ZIP file.  Click on the link and save the file to a temporary directory.  Double click and follow the on screen instructions to install. You may also want to download this  usage manual.  However, you ar strongly encouraged to visit their home site, register, and download directly from them the latest version of the software.  Hints on using MESTRe-C to process UA data.

NUTS is distributed by Acorn NMR and is another processing package.

WINDNMR-Pro is a package to simulate coupled spectra or spectra with chemical exchange.

New!  Virtual tour of Shelby L112, the new Bama NMR Lab.

New! Road Map of Shelby Hall.

New! Issued 11/16/04.  A basic tutorial to using ICON NMR