Floor Plan of the Lab, PDF Format


Entrance to the Lab


Wet Lab immediately to your left as you walk in.



Just past the prep lab are tall storage cabinents to your right and counter space to your left.


You stop in between the large storage cabinets and the counter space.  Ahead, off in the distance past the white column, you see a 600 MHz spectrometer currently disguised as Ken Belmore in a white hard hat.  To the front left is a 500 MHz spectrometer disguised as shelving.  To the right is a 360 MHz spectrometer disguised as large paint buckets.


A better view of the 360 MHz paint buckets.


A better view of the 500 MHz shelving.


Above the 360 is the high ceiling and utility pipes that (hopefully) will be painted black.  Note the solid concrete ceiling.  You are actually no longer in Shelby Hall, but in the NMR NUB on Shelby.


The Lab Manager sitting at his desk in his office looking back out his door into the NMR lab to catch users abusing the equipment.


Looking into the Lab Manager's Office from the sliding door leading to the main corridor.



Special thanks to Rick Smith for the photos.