Theoretical high energy physics. Professor Harms has most recently worked on a comprehensive theory of dark energy, inflation and black holes.

Other recent projects include the quantum description of microscopic black holes and their relation to extended objects such as strings and membranes, 

 the calculation of black hole and naked singularity decay rates in large extra dimensions, black hole decay rates in noncommutative spacetimes, and

 dark energy as a manifestation of the stimulated emission of gravitational waves from a strong gravity brane.  Professor Harms received his doctoral degree

 from Florida State University.


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Selected Publications:


1. R. Casadio and B. Harms, ``Can Black Holes and Naked Singularities be Detected in Accelerators? '',            

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3. Roberto Casadio (Bologna U. \& INFN, Bologna) , Alessandro Gruppuso (IASF, Bologna \& INFN, Bologna) ,

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   e-Print: arXiv:0704.2251 [hep-th].                                                                   


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