Steve Ginzbarg
Assistant Curator of the Herbaria
The University of Alabama Herbaria
EDUCATION:   Mr. Ginzbarg received his B. A. degree from Grinnell College in 1976 with a major in Biology. His graduate studies included a M. S. degree from the University of Texas in 1991, where he studied under Drs. Marshall C. Johnston and Billy L. Turner and prepared a thesis titled "Croton alabamensis Chapm. (Euphorbiaceae), Disjunct populations in Texas." Ginzbarg was the first to identify a species of Croton that had been been found in two central Texas counties as Croton alabamensis, a species previously known only from Bibb and Tuscaloosa counties in Alabama. He was intrigued by the great abundance of these shrubs in localized populations and their absence from surrounding seemingly identical habitat. Ginzbarg subsequently described the Texas plants as a new variety.
PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:   Assistant Curator of the Herbaria, 9/1/1994-present. Responsible for loan shipments and paperwork. Computerization of loan records. Designing and maintaining the specimen database. Reorganizing the filing of specimens to separate them by geographic area as well as by taxon. Collecting specimens for teaching collection. Field collection of native plants of Alabama.
RESEARCH INTERESTS:   I am interested in the systematics of the genus Croton (Euphorbiaceae) and in the flora of Alabama. I am also involved with the development of our specimen database at UNA and with setting up an efficient system for maintaining it.
RESEARCH GRANTS:   Ginzbarg has been co-PI for a $50,000.00 NSF funded project.
FIELD WORK: Ginzbarg has performed field studies primarily of the genus Croton in Texas, Florida, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina.
OTHER INTERESTS: I enjoy doing botanical illustration. I am the membership chair for the West Alabama Group of the Sierra Club. An avid International Folk Dancer, I also play kaval (an end-blown shepherd's flute played in Macedonia and Bulgaria) and the recorder.
PUBLICATIONS: Ginzbarg, S. 1992. A new disjunct variety of Croton alabamensis (Euphorbiaceae) from Texas. Sida 15(1): 41-52.

Ginzbarg, S. 1977. Plantas medicinales de los indios bribris y cabécar. América Indígena 37(2): 367-398.

CONTACT INFO: Phone: (205) 348-1829
Fax: (205) 348-6460