Welcome to my webpage. It is under development. Please feel free to e-mail me (busenitz@bama.ua.edu) for further information about my interests and research. I welcome inquiries from graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in participating in my research.

Over the past 20 years, the technical contributions of my group to experiments has been mainly in the area of calibration and monitoring. On the L3 experiment, we built a capacitive displacement measurement system to monitor the alignment between the silicon microvertex detector and central tracker (TEC). We have built custom radioactive sources and source deployment systems for the Palo Verde, KamLAND, and Double Chooz experiments. For the Palo Verde experiment we also built LED and fiber optic monitoring systems. We are presently working on the development of AmLi and YBe sources for calibration of dark matter search experiments. Local facilities for this work include a fume hood and glovebox for handling open radioactivities and a large 4pi segmented NaI detector and a He-3 detector system for characterizing radioactive sources. In certifying radioactive sources for deployment in low and ultralow background experiments, we have gained experience in gamma spectroscopy using HPGe detectors and alpha spectroscopy using solid state detectors. On the LBNE experiment, we have become involved in liquid argon purity monitoring. For the LZ experiment, we are carrying out R&D programs to screen candidate materials on-campus using ICP-MS and ICP-OES and to detect Pb-210 contamination in bulk materials.


Graduate students: Brad Brinkley (M.S.-SSC), Scott Mackall (M.S.-L3) Joe Vital (M.S.-Palo Verde), Dong-Ming Mei (Ph.D.-KamLAND), Kevin McKinny (Ph.D.-KamLAND), Tim Classen (Ph.D.-KamLAND), Igor Ostrovskiy (Ph.D.-Double Chooz), Shak Fernandes (current-Double Chooz).

Postdoctoral research associates: Panos Razis (L3), Hans Tucscherer (L3), Joachim Wolf (Palo Verde), Evgueni Yakushev (KamLAND), David McKee (KamLAND, Double Chooz), Juergen Reichenbacher (Double Chooz, LZ)

Undergraduate students: Shane Curry, Ben Picone, Matt Ware, Eric Coulter, Joe Murray, Joe Aicher, Jeff Roe, Tim Keele, Sean Gillooly, Ryan van Voorhis, Jaclyn Schillinger, Brett Kizer