Mass Spectrometry Research
Our TOF research employs a Bruker Reflex III, which is located in Lloyd 30. This instrument has linear and reflectron mass analysis and a nitrogen for matrix assisted laser desorption ionization (MALDI). The TOF was installed in early 2000. Click here for a diagram of the instrument.
The Cassady group's TOF research involves post-source decay (PSD) of biomolecules. The majority of our TOF studies to date have dealt with PSD on peptide negative ions, produced from samples such as gastric (I), fibrinopeptide B, and angiotensin. We have found that peptide anion dissociation often provides complementary information to that obtained from the more common cation dissociation. The effects of amino acid composition and sequence are being investigated. The group has a benchtop peptide synthesizer which is used to produce peptides with specific sequences. Fragmentation mechanisms are being studied and molecular modelling is employed to assist in interpretation of the mass spectrometry results.

Bruker Reflex III


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