-An African-American literary Initiative

          College Dayz intends to focus on the issues, the interests, and the thinking of college students at the University of Alabama.   We would like to better inform students of issues that directly and indirectly affect them as individuals and as a student body.  Our concentration is on the African-American community at the University, their activities, their organization, their behavior and how their culture can be better understood, improved and utilized.  We aim to project a positive image of African-American students at the University of Alabama and increase cultural awareness by presenting the assortment and collection of individuals and ideas that fill our classrooms, walk our campus and make the University of Alabama what it is today.

          We wish to serve as a literary device for expression, opinion and information for students, faculty, staff, alumni and the general public.   Addressing issues that range from politics to sports, we aim to project an image that will be becoming of the African-American community and the University as a whole.  These are our plans, our objectives and our purpose, we hope that you will gain knowledge and understanding from it. 

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