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Alternative Spring Break


CESR annually sponsors an Alternative Spring Break opportunity for students interested in combining the desire to do community service work with the desire to travel somewhere new for Spring Break.  With a team of fellow students, ASB projects allow students the opportunity to be immersed in a new community and learn about the problems faced by people different than themselves, while also getting involved and lending a hand.

Alternative Spring Break 2010:
FocusFirst vision screenings in South Alabama

Please consider joining us for part of your spring break to provide critically needed vision screenings to children living in urban and rural poverty. For more information, read our flyer or contact Allison Schuver at (205)348-6494 or aschuver@impactalabama.org.

Extended registration deadline: February 19, 2010College student assiting in a vision screening of a small child


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For more information about Alternative Spring Breaks, visit Break Away, the national organization that supports projects at colleges and universities across the country.