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Moral Forum

Fall 2006

Legalization of Organ Selling





In order to be a moral/just society, The United States should permit the sale of human organs, so as to allow monetary compensation for cadaveric organs as well as organs from the living (such as kidneys) which do not unduly jeopardize the donor’s health.



Class information


Fifty students participated in the first year of Moral Forum.  You can view the course details, reading list, and more by downloading the Fall 2006 course syllabus.



Tournament details


The 2nd Annual Moral Forum final tournament was held on October 16th, 2006, at 7:00 p.m. in the Ferguson Theater.


Scholarship awards totaling $15,000 were presented at the event.  Student winners included:


Champions: Awarded $4,000 eachwinners with artur davis

Laura Dover (Jasper, AL)

Elizabeth Jones (Birmingham, AL)


Finalists: Awarded $2,000 each

Jane Robinson (Huntsville, AL)

Chris Ryan (Huntsville, AL)


Semifinalists: Awarded $1,000 each

Alex Flachsbart (Concord, CA)

Robert L. Harris, III (Alexander City, AL)

David Lindsey (Chester, NJ)

Will Schildknecht (Cincinnati, OH)


Outstanding Individual Debater: Awarded $500

David Lindsey (Chester, NJ)


Best Written Essay: Awarded $500

Jane Robinson (Huntsville, AL)



Judges for the Final Tournament included U. S. Congressman Artur Davis, who represents the 7th Congressional District of Alabama, The Honorable Sharon L. Blackburn, United States District Judge for the Northern District of Alabama, and Dr. Judy Bonner, who serves as Executive Vice President and Provost of The University of Alabama.