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Why Competitive Team Debate?



“Especially when addressing values-based issues, two-minute split-screen ‘conflict’ segments reinforce the deepening polarization of the citizenry and contribute much to the decline of public trust in the possibility of meaningful conversation and decision-making.”


Stephen F. Black

Director, CESR


Goals of Moral Forum


Striving to foster both open-mindedness and conviction, Moral Forum seeks to help students distinguish between reasoned judgments versus uniformed bias.  Moral Forum is designed to address the most difficult challenges facing the promotion of moral development during the college years, including:

  • Understanding the grounds for evaluating moral claims and engaging in moral discourse,
  • Working to move students beyond both oversimplified absolutes and moral relativism,
  • Instilling an increased sense of responsibility to engage in and respond to moral issues, and
  • Supporting the transfer of learning to contexts beyond the classroom.



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