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Minor In Civic Engagement & Leadership



In conjunction with New College, the Department of Philosophy, and the ROTC program, CESR is supporting the development of a multidisciplinary Minor in Civic Engagement and Leadership.


The Minor is structured around foundation courses in the Department of Philosophy and the New College Program.  These courses complement each other by their discreet and respective attention to (a) the ability to reason and the achievement of logical clarity and (b) the opportunity to think, reason, and discuss in a problem-based learning environment with emphasis on systematic reflection on experiential learning. 


In addition to these two required courses, students must obtain at least 12 more hours from an extensive listing of approved elective courses, which span almost every discipline. The variety of elective courses offered allows students to shape a specific concentration in areas as diverse as International Leadership or Globalization, Alabama Politics and Development, Human Relations, Conflict Resolution, and Organizational Leadership, as per each student’s individual academic disciplines and interests. The proposed program would also allow either for a University-designated or student designed track in Military Science.


A complete listing of approved courses is available here.