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The Nonprofit Enrichment Team (NET) brings together a multidisciplinary team of students to provide a variety of critical services to new and developing nonprofit agencies and community organizations committed to improving the quality of life in Alabama’s disadvantaged communities.  Visionary nonprofits, operating with a limited staff and limited funding, are too often hindered in their efforts due to operational challenges of developing and sustaining the administration of the organization.  The goal of the team is to ensure that logistical, administrative challenges do not hinder these critical organizations in their shaping the future of Alabama’s communities.


With students drawing on discipline-specific skills gained in their field of study, the team is able to offer interested nonprofit organizations comprehensive, pro bono assistance on a multitude of fundamental tasks, including:


  • Website development and other graphic design needs (Computer Based Honor’s Program; Computer Science);
  • Strategic business plans and marketing (Commerce & Business Administration);
  • Advertising and communication (Mass Communication, Advertising & Public Relations);
  • Grant proposals and other technical writing (English);
  • Advocacy, assessment and evaluation, community development, and resource gathering and the development of materials for constituents (Social Work);
  • Photojournalism (Telecommunication & Film)
  • Federal and state 501©3 filings, endowment establishment, and other legal contracts and licensing (Law);
  • And other services as needed.


Past NET Projects


In Spring 2006, the inaugural NET team of 14 undergraduate and graduate students represented the departments of English, social work, business, computer science, photojournalism, and the Honors Program. Students completed projects for Studio By the Tracks, an award-winning group of artists working with at-risk children and adults with Autism; RUSH, an organization providing medical care and therapy to children and families in rural Alabama; and Cornerstone Housing, which creates safe and affordable housing options in low-income Birmingham neighborhoods.


In Spring 2007, a team of 12 students completed projects for two nonprofit organizations in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham communities: Tuscaloosa Children’s Center, a child advocacy center that provides services to children who have been physically or sexually abused; and Cahaba Valley Health Care, a Birmingham-based nonprofit that provides access to health care for Spanish-speaking people in Jefferson and Shelby Counties.



Spring 2008 course


This course will be offered again in Spring 2008, providing services for Impact Alabama, a Birmingham-based nonprofit .  Participation in the Nonprofit Enrichment Team is offered to 12 to 18 undergraduate and graduate students as a 3-credit independent study/fieldwork course, based on recommendations from faculty members in each student’s home department. There are no course prerequisites, although students may need to have a few discipline-specific skills.  The course will require participation in a weekly seminar, held on Friday from 12-1:30, as well as a one-hour small group meeting with teammates and clients (day/time TBA). 


If you would like to know more, please contact the Center for Ethics & Social Responsibility, by phone at 205-348-6490 or by email at bourl002@aa.ua.edu. 


In addition, nonprofit organizations interested in NET’s services should contact CESR for an application.