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Service Learning

For Faculty



The staff of the Center for Ethics & Social Responsibility offers an array of services and resources to assist faculty in the facilitation and integration of service-learning into their course.  We can help you:

  • Identify community issues or service activities that relate to your class.
  • Find model syllabi in your discipline and subject area to provide ideas related to your course.
  • Find community agencies relevant to your class whose needs match class learning objectives.
  • Contact ideal agencies to clarify service expectations and course goals.
  • Adapt current syllabus, class assignments, lecture examples, and class discussion to explore links between course theory and service experience. 
  • Develop a meaningful reflection component for your course that will enable students to make the connection between their service and the course.
  • Discuss with students the expectations, agency orientation dates, deadlines for starting service, and evaluation guidelines.
  • Maintain regular contact with your community partners. 
  • Assess student learning and agency participation.

The staff will assist you through the entire planning and implementation process. Please contact us to learn more about any of these opportunities.



New to Service Learning?


Wondering what service learning is and how it might fit into your course?  Need help planning a service learning class, finding a community partner, or writing a syllabus? Call (205-348-6490) or email (cesr@ua.edu) to set up a consultation regarding the specifics of your course. This is the first step to becoming a CESR faculty member and will help you better understand the resources available to you.


NOW AVAILABLE: Service-Learning Release for Students
Please have all students enrolled in your service-learning course review and sign the service-learning release before beginning their service-learning field placement and/or community service experience.