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Service Learning



In seeking to better connect social responsibility and ethical development to the academic mission of the university, a major concern of the Center is assisting with the organization and development of service learning courses at the University of Alabama that engage community organizations in partnerships with academic courses, a pedagogy known as service learning.  By developing service learning courses in all academic disciplines of the University, CESR hopes all graduates cultivate a sense of their ability and responsibility to solve important structural problems facing their communities and are prepared to be competent and responsible citizens throughout their lives. 


For more information about this exciting pedagogy, see What is service learning?


Want to know what service learning courses are currently offered at UA? See our ever-growing service learning course list, available through SL Pro. We are in the process of compiling a service learning course catalog from this list, so please let us know of any additions or corrections!



CESR Service Learning Initiatives


The Center has undertaken a variety of projects to help better equip faculty members and engage students in the process of developing a more comprehensive service learning effort at UA.


Currently, CESR supports service learning at UA with the following programs:


Faculty Fellows in Service Learning Program

Service Learning Awards

Grants and Funding for Service Learning

Service Learning Pro

To Whom Much Is Given (September 2007 statewide conference on service learning)


The following service learning initiatives are also under development:


Designation of Service Learning Courses

Service Learning Workshops

Service Learning Lecture Series

Service Learning Consultation Team

Service Learning Advisory Committee

National Volunteer Week


CESR also serves as a resource center to assist faculty in the development and implementation of thoughtful and successful service learning courses, by gathering and disseminating innovative service learning teaching materials, maintaining a web-based faculty handbook, organizing an extensive database of model service-learning syllabi in all academic disciplines, and supporting a resource library.



For more information


Click on one of the links below to find resources and programs designed to support your involvement in service learning


For Faculty

For Students (coming soon!)

For Community Partners (coming soon!)