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The Center for Ethics & Social Responsibility supports efforts to integrate ethics and social responsibility across the curriculum by supporting faculty members from all academic disciplines.


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Faculty Fellows in Service Learning Program: A one-year fellowship designed to accelerate the work of up to 10 faculty members who are eager to develop exemplary curricular approaches to education for active and ethical citizenship, social responsibility, and engagement by applying service learning to their courses. 


Service Learning: An academic course with structured opportunities for students to critically reflect on the ethical dimensions of both their service and the course.


To Whom Much Is Given: September 2007 statewide conference on service learning and poverty co-sponsored by CESR, focused on defining higher education's obligation toward communities of need in Alabama and developing solutions to poverty through service learning and community engagement.


Tuscaloosa Pre-K Initiative: A program that engages the city school system administrators and educators, UA faculty, staff, and students to offer the best health and education services possible for academically at-risk children and their families.