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The following list of publications includes major journals that regularly accept articles related to ethics, social responsibility, service, civic engagement, and other interests of the Center. This list is by no means exhaustive, but it does provide a good starting place.


Please check our new and noteworthy page for an up-to-date list of all calls for papers.


Academic Exchange Quarterly: An independent, peer reviewed journal that welcomes research, commentary, and other manuscripts that contribute to the effective instruction and learning regardless of level or subject. Regularly features articles on service learning topics. 


Campus Compact Reader: The Campus Compact Reader is a resource for service-learning faculty in all disciplines. The Reader is published in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. Articles address democratic citizenship, education reform, civic renewal and the transformation of higher education. 


Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning: Well known and respected as an opinion magazine dealing with contemporary issues in higher learning, Change spotlights trends in, provides new insights about, and analyzes the implications of educational programs. Articles cover influential institutions and individuals, new teaching methods, curriculum, finances, governance, and public policy. Change is published six times a year with editorial leadership provided by the American Association for Higher Education.  


Educational Leadership: This journal is intended primarily for leaders in elementary, middle, and secondary education but is also for anyone interested in curriculum, instruction, supervision, and leadership in schools.  


Journal of College and Character (JCC): The journal focuses on moral and civic learning in higher education and is published on the internet by the Center for the Study of Values in College Student Development at Florida State University. The JCC is published on an ongoing basis with new articles and entries added on a weekly and monthly basis. 


Journal of Experiential Education: This is a professional journal that publishes a diverse range of articles in subject areas such as outdoor adventure programming, SL, environmental education, therapeutic applications, research & theory, the creative arts, and much more. It is an invaluable reference tool for anyone in the field of experiential education.   


Journal of Higher Education: Through full-length articles, commentary, and book reviews, the Journal of Higher Education encourages creation of effective policy solutions and enhancement of professional development in all areas within the university, the four-year college, and the community college.   


Journal of Moral Education: This journal provides a unique interdisciplinary forum for consideration of all aspects of moral education and development across the lifespan. It contains philosophical analyses, reports of empirical research and evaluation of educational strategies, which address a range of value issues and the process of valuing, not only in theory and practice, but also at the social and individual level. The Journal regularly includes country based state-of-the-art papers on moral education and publishes special issues on particular topics. 


Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement: Formerly known as the Journal of Public Service and Outreach, this journal serves as a forum to promote the continuing dialogue about the service and outreach mission of the University and its relationship to the teaching and research missions and to the needs of the sponsoring society. 


Liberal Education: Published by the Association of American Colleges and Universities, Liberal Education expresses the voices of educators, faculty and administrators in colleges and universities nationwide who are working to enrich liberal learning and undergraduate education. The journal is a national forum about liberal education - a forum addressing teaching and learning, leadership, faculty innovation, and institutional change all in the service of improving undergraduate education. 


Metropolitan Universities Journal: Each issue reports in-depth on both the theoretical and applied aspects of a current theme affecting colleges and universities. Authors come from diverse institutional perspectives, and include top scholars and administrators who share a wealth of experience and knowledge about best practices and effective strategies. Past issues have focused on community-university partnerships and service-learning. 


Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning: Each issue has a variety of peer-reviewed articles related to research, pedagogy, and theory relevant to service-learning. View the journal's 2000 special issue: "Strategic Directions for Service-Learning Research." This issue not only summarizes what is know about service-learning in higher education, it also identifies gaps in our knowledge for which further research is needed (the table of contents and abstracts can be viewed online, and the journal can be checked out from the CESR office).


National Society for Experiential Education Quarterly: Articles from the field of experiential education, including research related to the effectiveness of experiential education techniques, are featured in this quarterly journal. Service-learning is one of the many experiential education methods featured in this journal. 


PS: Political Science and Politics: This journal brings together political scientists from all fields of inquiry, regions, and occupational endeavors in order to expand awareness and understanding of political life.  PS regularly publishes on civic engagement and service learning in higher education.


Peer Review: Provides a quarterly briefing on emerging trends and key debates in undergraduate liberal education. Each issue is focused on a specific topic, provides comprehensive analysis, and highlights changing practice on diverse campuses. 


Reflections: A Journal of Writing, Service-Learning, and Community Literacy: A peer reviewed journal, published three times a year, which provides a forum for scholarship on writing, service-learning and community literacy. Originally founded as a venue for teachers, researchers, students and community partners to share research and discuss the theoretical, political and ethical implications of community-based writing and writing instruction, Reflections publishes a lively collection of essays, empirical studies, interviews and reviews in a format that brings together emerging scholars and leaders in the fields of community-based writing and civic engagement.



Other sources


The following sites also provide links to additional academic journals publishing on issues pertaining to CESR’s work:


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