Carolyn Handa
Professor of English
Assistant Chair, English Department
Faculty Member: Composition, Rhetoric & English Studies (CRES) Program

M.A., San Francisco State University

110 Morgan
(205) 348-8498

Digital Rhetoric; Technology and Composition; Composition Pedagogy; Basic and Developmental Writing; Writing Program Administration; Contemporary American Poetry

University of Alabama:
English 512, Computers and Writing
English 532, Approaches to Teaching Composition (Pedagogy)
English 534, Composition Practicum
English 639, Special Topics in Rhet/Comp: Basic and Developmental Writing
English 652, Theories of Teaching Composition
English 654, Visual and Digital Rhetoric
English 310, Writing--Special Topics: Writing for and with New Media
English 309, Advanced Expository Writing
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville:
English 554, Composition Pedagogy;
English 558, Practicum in the Teaching of Writing;
English 574, Teaching Basic and Developmental Writing;
English 581, Topics in Teaching English: Visual and Digital Rhetoric;
English 597, Special Studies in Composition;
English 203, Studies in Poetry;
English 111, Introduction to Literature;
English 102, English Composition;
English 101, English Composition;
Academic Development 092, Basic Writing

Recent Publications:
The Multimediated Rhetoric of the Internet: Digital Fusion. London and New York, 2014.

Guest-Edited Journals
Computers and Composition 18:2 (June 2001).
Computers and Composition 18:1 (March 2001).

Chapters in Books
"Analyzing Digital Text as Rhetorical Space: Crossing Untraditional Frontiers." In Negotiating a Meta-Pedagogy: Learning from Other Disciplines. Ed. Emily Golson and Toni Glover. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2009. 21-38.

Review of Spinuzzi, Clay. Tracing Genres Through Organizations: A Sociocultural Approach to Information Design. Journal of Business & Technical Communication 20:1 (January 2006).

Inspiration and Admiration:
826 Valencia: Dave Eggers' Writing Center.
Rhetorica Inc.: Richard Lanham / Rhetorica Inc.
Johnny Chung Lee at TED: Johnny Lee and the Wii Remote Digital Whiteboard.
Mike Rose Books: Mike Rose's Homepage.
Okaydave: Dave Werner's Portfolio 2006.

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

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