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348-RIDE (7433)

You can now request a 348 Ride pickup online by going to http://348ride.ua.edu using your laptop or internet connected phone. This facility will be available only during normal 348-Ride service hours. When you follow this link it will take you to a MyBama sign in page, once you sign in, you will be directed to the ride request page.

The 348-RIDE (7433) is a free service that will transport you between locations on campus or between nearby residences and campus. Service is available when CrimsonRide Buses are not operating. While all calls are dispatched as soon as possible, high demand may result in delayed response. The service area includes campus and neighborhoods between Greensboro Avenue to the west, 15th Street to the south, Helen Keller Boulevard to the east, and Jack Warner Parkway to the north. While 348-Ride makes every effort to provide this service, there may be various extenuating circumstances (severe weather, driver illness, etc.) where we are unable to operate during these hours. 348-RIDE is intended as a support service for academic purposes and does not service establishments where alcoholic beverages are sold. Private/local taxi services are viable alternatives if you need transportation to or from such establishments.

Try our New Express Service, click on the image for more information.

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