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How many buses will be operated on weekdays?

There will be 17 buses total with 15 running during peak operation hours and two on reserve.

What are the projected operating hours?

The normal weekday bus hours will be 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and the night hours will be 7 p.m. until 10 p.m. Summer hours will be from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Will there be bus transportation on the nights and weekends?

Weekend service will consist of 348-Ride(7433), on-demand service.


Where are the bus stops?

Bus stops are located all around campus with a total of approximately 40, for detail link here.

Will there be signs showing the bus routes at the bus stops?

Yes. Each stop has a laminated map. View routes.

How often does the transit system run?

Depending on traffic congestion, the time between buses will be approximately 7 minutes on the academic routes to 20 minutes on the perimeter routes.


How many routes are there? (Link to route maps)

There are four bus routes. The different routes are Blue, Green, Gold and Crimson.

How far south, east, north and west will the bus routes go?

To the east, the buses will go as far as 5 th Avenue East to the Student Recreation Center, RISE, Child Development Center, University Medical Center and the Student Health Center. To the west, the buses will go as far as the west side of Bryant Denny Stadium and Publix. To the north, the buses will go as far as the backside of Riverside Hall and to the south, as far as Bryant Drive.

Who can ride the buses?

Students, faculty, staff and visitors.


What is the cost to ride the bus?

Patrons, including visitors, will not be charged a fee to board the buses.

Are the buses wheelchair accessible?

Yes, each bus will have two wheelchair spaces. The bus lowers to sidewalk level and a ramp will be deployed to allow people in wheelchairs to board.

What will people do that are carrying heavy/large loads?


Only items that can be placed on ones lap or on the floor in front of ones seat will be allowed. No items will be allowed to occupy additional seating.

Will there be a storage area on the bus for large items?


Will the buses run on game days?


Will the buses run for events on campus (theatre, Moody Music, etc.)?

If requested, buses will run during special events on campus.


Can be buses be used by charter groups?

Yes, if the groups are associated with the University of Alabama. Link to Charter Service Information.

Where is the bus terminal?

The bus terminal will be located in the west end of the Campus Drive parking deck.

What is the reliability of the bus schedule?

The buses will be reliable unless campus traffic becomes congested. Each bus and bus route can be monitored with TransLoc.


How can I track the bus by my phone or computer? What is TransLoc?

The buses have GPS technology (TransLoc) and can be tracked from cell phones with a browser and PDA or computer. The information from the web site will be “real time”.TransLoc is a web site that will allow you to view the buses in “real time” as they travel on the routes around campus. Using your PC, laptop or even your phone, if it has an internet browser, you will be able to view the buses traveling on their routes. (View Routes)

Where can I find the bus schedule and TransLoc?

The tentative bus route and stops can located on the maps page.

Are the buses air conditioned and heated?


Will the bus run during University holidays?


How safe are the buses?

Buses should not exceed a 35 miles per hour speed while on campus.


What kind of buses will be used for transportation?

40 foot Nova LFS buses.


Where will I park my car?

You be allowed to park in your designated zone only. You will not be allowed to cross campus an search for a parking space in other zones. There will not be any “all decal” spaces on campus in fall 2007. Log on to www.bamaparking.ua.edu to view the new parking zones and parking regulation for fall 2007. Also be aware that parking fines have increased for fall 2007.

Are the buses on a timed schedule?

Buses will not have a set time to be at a particular location. Each bus will have an estimated headway for each route. With multiple buses on each route, you should be able to see a bus approaching on most of the routes once one leaves the bus stop.

Will I be late for class if I ride the bus from one stop to the next?

If you plan your schedule to correspond with the transit system schedule, you should not be late for class.


How will I know which bus line to take?

It is recommended that each student become familiar with the transit routes BEFORE classes begin. By studying the bus routes and planning your schedule, it should not be a problem. Bus operators will also assist you with directions.

Will the buses run in severe weather?

The buses will run in the rain, and even when there is a severe weather watch. However, the buses will not run during a severe weather warning.

Are the buses sanitary?

The buses will be cleaned daily and more often if necessary.


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