The Carl A. Elliott Society



November 15, 1992

Rev. 1: December 3, 2001


Article I



The name of this organization shall be “The Elliott Society” in honor of Carl A. Elliott, Sr., eight-term Congressman from the state of Alabama, first recipient of the Kennedy Profiles in Courage Award, and author of the National Defense Education Act. Date of conception was Spring semester of the 1992-93 academic year.


Article II



The purpose of the Elliott Society shall be:


Article III



Section 1.  There shall be three (3) categories of membership:

Active Student Membership,

Alumni Membership, and

Honorary Membership.


Section 2.  No category of membership shall be of greater or lesser importance than the other. All members are to be of equal stature.


Section 3.  Active Student Membership shall be defined as those duly elected students (undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral) who are currently enrolled in any college of the University of Alabama and who remain in good academic standing at the University.


Section 4.  Honorary Membership shall be defined as those figureheads of the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa community, state, and/or nation who have exemplified the ideals and principles held by Carl Elliott, Sr. in any event or action performed.


Section 5.  Alumni membership shall be defined as those duly elected University of Alabama alumni, faculty, and students (undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral) who will not be returning to the University the following semester.


Section 6.  New members will be selected biannually in the Fall and Spring semesters of the academic year by the presiding president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, faculty advisor and all committee chairpersons.


Section 7.  The criterion for selection shall be the manifestation of courage, character, leadership, and an unwavering dedication to social and cultural progress. Under no circumstances should any membership selection procedure be in violation of the most recent version of the University of Alabama’s Coordinating Council for Honor Societies “Standards for Membership Selection into Honor Societies of CCHS.”


Section 8.  The general pattern of selection shall follow along the line of fifteen (15) students, one (1) honorary member, and three (3) alumni members per semester.


Section 9.  Persons may be considered for membership by submitting an application during a designated time period in the Spring semester or by being nominated by an Active Student, Honorary, or Alumni member.


Section 10. Special priority for membership into the University chapter of the society will be given to those persons already a member of a high school chapter wishing to become a member of the University chapter.


Section 11. Membership to the organization is guaranteed for life but may change status as deemed circumstantial (i.e. Active Student membership changed to Alumni membership).


Section 12. Dues will be set to $35.00 for the year, or $20.00 for the semester. Basis for cost is derived from operational needs of the organization.


Section 13. Active Student Members will be required to participate in a minimum of one (1) group activity and two (2) individual activities per semester to maintain a status of “active.” Designation of group and individual activities will be at the discretion of the president and vice-president.


Article IV



Section 1.  The officers of the Elliott Society shall be the following:

·        President

·        Vice-President

·        Secretary

·        Treasurer

·        Historian

·        Community Service Chair & Committee

·        Fundraising Chair & Committee

·        High School Liaison Chair & Committee

·        Social Planning Chair & Committee

·        Communications/Publicity Chair & Committee


Section 2:  The officers for the following academic year shall be elected by all members present, Active, Honorary, or Alumni, after the Spring induction of the new members each spring. All members, Active, Honorary, or Alumni, shall be eligible for election. New officers will take duty in the fall semester of the following academic year.


Section 3.  The president shall provide general leadership to the organization and preside over the officer and general meetings.


Section 4.  The vice president shall assist the president in all of the duties listed above and shall serve in his/her place if the president is unable to fulfill his/her duties.


Section 5.  The secretary shall take notes of all general happenings at every meeting or designate someone to do so in his/her absence. A report of the meeting’s minutes will be due no later than one (1) week after the meeting and should be distributed to all members of the organization.


Section 6.  The treasurer shall keep exact financial happenings of the Society and provide a monthly financial report at every announced meeting to be included in the minutes.


Section 7.  The historian shall be in charge of starting and maintaining a yearly scrapbook of the Society’s involvement at the University throughout the academic year.


Section 8.  The Community Service Chair shall appoint or have elected his/her committee members and preside in organizing and planning service activities and opportunities for the Society throughout the year.


Section 9.  The Fundraising Chair shall appoint or have elected his/her committee members and preside in coming up with appealing ideas and methods in which to raise funds for the organization. Presentations should be made at the organization meetings to encourage positive involvement and participation on behalf of the Active Student Members.


Section 10. The High School Liaison Chair shall appoint or have elected his/her committee members and preside in establishing new relations and maintaining preexisting relationships with local high school chapters of the Elliott Society. Items such as joint projects, joint induction ceremonies, contact information, registration & informational packets, etc. should be of high priority.


Section 11. The Social Planning Chair shall appoint or have elected his/her committee members and preside in organizing social events for members of the University chapter of the Elliott Society (i.e. parties, get-togethers, pictures).


Section 12. The Communications/Publicity Chair shall appoint or have elected his/her committee members and preside in taking initiative and following through with any means possible with legal constraints of informing all members about upcoming meetings, service projects, item drives, etc. Another duty is establishment and maintenance of the official University of Alabama Elliott Society webpage. The chair and committee also serve as a source for any necessary press releases, university-wide announcements, or any other publicity items of grandiose nature.


Section 13. Removal of officers shall occur by either of two methods:

1.)             The motion may be offered by a committee chairperson or other officer and requires a two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of the present membership, which shall be at least quorum and include the officer in question.

2.)             The motion may be offered by the membership and requires a one-half (1/2) affirmative vote of the present membership, which shall be at least quorum.


Section 14. Vacancies of officer positions shall be handled as follows:

1.)             In the event that any officer is unable to fulfill the duties of his/her office or is removed from the office, the President shall hold an emergency election in person or via electronic mail to fulfill the position requiring at least a quorum.

2.)             If the position in question is the President, the Vice-President shall immediately fulfill the position of President, call for nominations for the newly vacant vice-president position, and hold an election the following meeting.


Section 15. There shall be a committee chairman training session for current and new chairmen each Spring semester held jointly by the current and newly-elected President. All material (notebooks, files, etc.) pertaining to the Elliott Society shall be turned over to the new officers before the end of the spring semester.


Article V



Section 1.  Advisors shall be selected through the combined vote of incoming and outgoing chairman each spring during the chairman’s training session.


Section 2.  Up to three (3) advisors may be selected from the University faculty and staff.


Section 3.  The director of the University Community Service Center is automatically under consideration for the position and will serve as the original advisor to the Society.


Article VI



Section 1.  Regular meetings of the Elliott Society shall be held monthly during the Fall and Spring semesters. Additional meetings may be scheduled as ordered by the organization and/or the president.


Section 2.  Fifty percent of the Active Student membership shall constitute a quorum.


Article VII



Section 1.  The Society shall be a working model for regional high school chapters both by standards and functionality based on the same ideals as the alpha University chapter’s founding.


Article VIII

Parliamentary Procedure


Section 1.  The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order: Newly Revised shall govern the Society in all cases in which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with those by-laws and special rules of order that the organization may adopt.


Article IX

Amendments and By-Laws


Section 1.  Amendments and by-laws to this constitution may be added at any regular meeting by fifty-one percent majority, provided the amendment or by-law has been submitted in writing at the previous regular meeting, and in the case of an amendment, the membership has been notified by electronic mail at least one (1) week prior to the next announced meeting.