There is certain precalculus material that we consider it necessary that you know quite well in order to succeed in Calculus, MA 131. This includes being able to do such problems in a reasonable amount of time. Within two weeks of the beginning of the semester, you will be given a "Basics Exam" covering this material. The results will be used to advise you whether you are ready for Calculus. The practice tests on the Web are available for you to use as much as you want or need in preparation for the "Basics Exam". The "Basics Exam" is timed. Therefore, the practice tests are timed. You will have 50 minutes. The practice tests are multiple choice but the "Basics Exam" will not be. Therefore, it is best for you to work out each of the problems on the practice test as if you had no answer choices. Most of the "Basics Exam" will be worked without a calculator. Therefore, we have indicated which problems are appropriate for use of a calculator. Assume you are NOT to use a calculator unless the problem statement begins with [Calculator].


Each practice test will contain 15 problems. The problem bank available for the practice tests is organized into 6 categories: algebra, geometry, graphs (recognition and interpretation of graphs of functions), trigonometry, exponentials and logarithms, and problem solving. (Several of these categories overlap.) There are two basic options, described below, for generating a practice test from the problem bank. Your 50 minutes of time will begin as soon as the practice test appears after you choose an option. You may choose the DEFAULT option (in which a random sample of problems covering all categories will be chosen) or you may choose the CUSTOMIZE option (in which you will be asked how many problems from each category you wish, with the total number of problems adding to 15).


To take default test:

To customize test, fill in the number of questions from each category.
Remember, there can be no more than 15 questions.

  • algebra
  • trig
  • explog
  • geometry
  • probsolv
  • graphs