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       Purpose of the Gamma Beta Phi Society


The watchwords of the Society ... Scholarship, Character, Service ... denote the three major objectives of Gamma Beta Phi: To recognize and encourage individual excellence in education. To promote the development of leadership ability and character in its members. To foster, disseminate and improve education through appropriate service projects.

Through Gamma Beta Phi the tremendous potential of the most intelligent, highly-motivated and well-intentioned students can be coordinated and directed into beneficial service. The Society's service aspect is just as important as that of honor. All Possible help and encouragement is given to the chapter and its leaders in this regard. Gamma Beta Phi's major service effort is devoted to projects that foster, disseminate and improve education. Perhaps the greatest appeal of the Society for students is that they realize that the organization does accomplish a great deal. The Society also performs many community service projects. To give chapter leaders some ideas of possible service projects, ideas has been developed from reports of projects done by Gamma Beta Phi chapters. Projects are also discussed at each state and national convention. It is doubtful that any other campus honor society, or service organization, even approaches the level of activity and accomplishments of the majority of Gamma Beta Phi chapters.


Last updated: March 25, 2007