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July 10-29, 2014


The University of Alabama invites you to join us for an intensive academic summer program in Ghana. The course offered is GY 444/GY 544 - Field Studies in Africa, 6-credit hours. This course will examine how people in different cultures relate to the natural environment. Field visits include a gold mine, slave castle, monkey sanctuary, safari, cultural drumming and dancing, and a canaopy walk in a rainforest. In addition, students will attend a lecture at the University of Science and Technology to crystallize the field experience.




Evidence of settlement along the Ghanaian coast dates back some 40,000 years, but it wasn’t until the late 15th century, with the arrival of the Portuguese, that a written history of the area came into being. The Portuguese came in search of gold, which they found in abundance adorning the powerful Ashanti Kings of the Akan people. The real money however, turned out to be in the slave trade, and their fortunes attracted the Dutch, British and Danes in the late 16th century. Tourists rave about the coastal area which boasts of more than forty old slave-trading forts and castles.


Today, Ghana is the most stable, peaceful, and democratic country in West Africa with a presidential system of government. If an award were to be given for the country with the friendliest people in West Africa, Ghana would be a strong contender. English is the official language in Ghana.



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Because airline and hotel reservations must be secured early, those wishing to participate should turn in their applications as soon as possible. Priority Deadline is February 22, 2014




GY 444/544: Field Studies in Africa, 6-credit hours.

This is a two weeks intensive field study in Ghana.




UA in Ghana explores how people in different cultures relate to their natural environment. Students have the unique opportunity to not only study an African Culture, but also, integrate service projects, site visits, and cultural studies to actively engage with Ghanaian communities. Students will focus their studies in areas such as education, planning, medicine, nursing, engineering, economics, anthropology, geography, history, creative arts, social services, natural resources management and the environment. Exploring the richness of Africa, students will also enjoy visiting a monkey sanctuary and an unforgettable canopy walk through the rainforest.

“The perspective gained greatly outweighs any reservations an American student may have for visiting Africa and attending non-traditional classes.”