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Any international trip can be very expensive for students and costs may initially discourage you from participating.  But you should know that there are many ways to raise funds.  Some of these ideas have been successful in the past:


Band Night
This is another way to connect with the campus and local community through providing a musical event and charging admission to it. This gives exposure to musical talent and helps to fund the alternative break program at the same time. Keep in mind that you need a big enough place to hold the event as well as an arrangement with campus activities to hold the event. One school's theme for an event such as this is "think globally...jam locally."



Open Mic
This is a great way to build on the talents of your participants or the campus as a whole. Host a campus wide event on the lawn or in an auditorium where students can come and perform their specific talents such as poetry reading, gymnastic feats, acting, and musical numbers.



Poetry Night
Another way to draw on the talent of your campus, especially the English and Literature departments is to host a poetry reading night. Charge admission and perhaps even charge for snacks while folks get immersed in verse.



Change Bottles/Penny Wars
This is plain and simple collecting change donations for your alternative break program. Have participants cut water bottles in half to collect that loose change. Perhaps having it site or issue related would draw out more donations from a specific portion of your campus.



Community Civic Clubs
Rotary, Elks, Masons, Optimists, Kiwanis, the Lions Club, and so on to see if they would be willing to give scholarships to individuals. As a way of thanking them, meet with them and tell them about your trip, and show them pictures or slides from your trip.



Places of Worship
Many times they are willing to help an individual to participate in such a trip. Also contact local churches and synagogues, as they might also be willing to help. Showing the congregation a slide show as a way of thanks is also a good idea.



Student Government/Student Affairs
Being able to make a proposal for funding from the Student Affairs or Student Government Association of your campus can be a very important element of funding for your alternative break program. Sometimes being listed as an organization will allow your program to apply for funding through these avenues.



Charity Sporting Tournaments (baseball, basketball, volleyball, golf...)
Connect with the campus by providing a sporting tournament where you charge admission for participants. You could also work the concession stands for the event.



Bake Sale
The basic all-purpose fundraiser! First, you need to ac
q uire baked goods through either participant cooks or local businesses or campus food services. Then you need to have booths in well-traveled areas of the campus. One suggestion that was offered was to have donations instead of prices because people are likely to donate more than pay a specific price for an item.



Car Wash
This dependable event places a bunch of people together to wash cars by hand. You could charge a specific amount or ask for donations. It is important to have this type of event in a well trafficked part of your community or campus. Sometimes local businesses will let you use their water sources. A twist on this idea is the "topless car wash". This is where you only wash convertibles or everything but the top of the car.



Garage Sale/Rummage Sale
This is a great way to get rid of old junk! Have participants dig into their dorm rooms or ask their family members to donate for the sale. This is also a great way to get faculty and staff involved with the program as they donate for the sale. It will be necessary to have the event in a well traveled area and have the appropriate amount of volunteers to staff the sale.



Concessions/theme parks/clean-up facilities/staff campus events
This is a great way to use the community around you as well as your campus. Sometimes theme parks, concessions and clean-up opportunities are offered to the community in exchange for donation or payment. Check with local sporting facilitates, theme parks and your own campuses sporting program.

"It is an enlightening experience where students are immersed into a foreign culture and learn how to adapt to their new environment.?