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Group Photo                                 University of Ghana  




Hotel Room                                      Coconut Grove   




  At our Hotel in Cape Coast                                (Elmina) Slave Castle 




Accra                                     Lunch      




      Independence Monument                                Lunch




Canopy Walk                                 Traditional Dancing




Shaman & UA group                                   Drummers        




      Fresh Coconut                                Participating in Dance  




Monkey Sanctuary                                     Waterfall        




Dr. Seth drilling                                              Rain Forest




Student w/ Monkey                                        Canoeing          




Nzulezo                                              Gold Mine   




      Gold Ore                                       End on Mine Tunnel




Having Fun                                        Donated a Soccer Ball      




Elmina Slave Castle                                    Kente Cloth      




Mausoleum of W.E.B Dubois                           Monkey Cemetery          





Doctoral Robe of W.E.B. Dubois                     Strange Tree                





Nkrumah's Monument                              Gold Mine   





          Wood Carver                            Skull of Rainforest Elephant







          Slave Castle at Elmina                            Inspecting the Castle






          Having Fun                            Indigenous Textile Factory






          Weaving Kente                            Doesn't Hurt to try it






          One-on-one Greetings                            It's all joy!






          What a dance!                            Indigenous Priest






          Indigenous Priestess                            Shopping in Accra






          Shopping in Accra                            Group Presentation






          Canopy Walk                            Canopy Walk






          Canopy Walk                            Closing Dinner






          Closing Dinner                            After Closing Dinner