U of Alabama, Department of Physics and Astronomy
Particle Physics Seminars, Fall 2011/Spring 2012

Unless otherwise noted, seminars are held Fridays in room 338 at 3:30pm

Aug 19 A model for the origin of Cosmic Rays  (abstract) Peter L. Biermann, UA, U. Bonn, etc.
Sep 2 Discussion of sparticle collider physics Zach Burell, UA
Sep 9 Walls of massive Kahler sigma models on SO(2N)/U(N) and Sp(N)/U(N)  (abstract) Masato Arai, Czech Technical University
Nov 11 Einstein equations from the Surface term in the E-H Action Zach Burell, UA
Nov 18 Search for Randall Sundrum Gravitons at the LHC Jason Carson, UA
Dec 2 A Model of a Stable Wormhole Ben Harms, UA
Dec 2 Wormhole Statistical Mechanics in the Statistical Bootstrap Model Shaoqi Hou, UA
Dec 7 Search for new physics in the dielectron channel in CMS at the LHC  (abstract) Otman Charaf, Brussels
Dec 8 TBA Jessica Leonard, Wisconsin
Feb 24 Black hole evaporation as a probe for quantum gravity Jacobo Diaz Polo
Mar 30 How Big is This Universe Sergio Fabi, UA
Apr 27 Towards a Singularity-free Universe   (abstract) Tirthabir Biswas, Loyola
May 4 What's not to Love about String Cosmology (and how to fix it) Lou Clavelli, UA and Tufts
May 18 Antineutrinos at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory Tim Shokair, Univ of Pennsylvania
June 22 A comprehensive model of dark energy, inflation and black holes Ben Harms, Univ of Alabama