Alabama Particle Physics, August 2001

Front row from left: Ion Stancu, Ben Harms, George Karatheodoris, Sasha Pinzul, Humberto Torreblanca, Tavi Micu
Middle row from left: Stefanie Freudenstein, Thomas Gajdosik, Jerry Busenitz, Irina Perevalova, Dong Ming Mei, Ilir Zoto
Back row from Left: Lou Clavelli, Andreas Piepke, Zelimir Djurcic, Kevin McKinney, Phil Coulter
(Missing: Sergio Fabi, Allen Stern)

Other photos of the particle people and related snapshots:

Gallalee Hall, Home of Alabama Particle Physics
Jemison-Van de Graaff Mansion, boyhood home of Robert Van de Graaff
At the elephant, Fall 2000
In Ben's office
lunch at the Ferguson
with a visitor, November 2000
Arriving at the Vanderbilt Conf, Mar 2001
Some of the Alabama group at Vandy
a photo from the fcp01 banquet