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Our heartiest congratulations to those who have graduated at UA and best wishes for a bright future !

Please check this site for latest updates on Job related information.

This is just a small pointer to streamline your job search. We will try to update this page with any latest information.

The following page gives you the details about H1-B sponsoring companies. H1-B sponsoring companies Download the latest years data, for example download "LCA_Case_Data_FY2011.mdb". The file shows the data for year 2011. This has the list of companies which did H1B earlier. Upon filtering with your desired skillset, you can easily find out details like, how many visas were filed, salary for that position etc. This may let you know for sure which company is sponsering H1-B.

Thanks to Bharat Rajan (M.S. in C.S) for providing the above information

If you have any news about openings or facts to share, please write to us

All the best towards your job search.

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