Roll Tide Roll !!


Our heartiest congratulations on admission to UA and best wishes for a bright future !

Very soon you will be stepping out of India, mind and body replete with ideas and ideals, traditions and values, customs and rituals unique to our part of the world. Coming to another country for higher education is indeed a way of broadening one's experience. It is challenging, stimulating, exciting and sometimes difficult having to leave your family and friends and start living in an environment very different, culturally and otherwise.

We, the fellow Indians will try our best to ease this transition process and help you adjust to the new environment. Through this website we try to address some of your concerns. We are here for you and would like to provide you with some information and suggestions to make your arrival and stay a little easier.

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The University of Alabama was established in 1831 as the first public school in the state of Alabama. The City of Tuscalosa is located in West Alabama on the Black Warrior River, 57 miles southwest of Birmingham. Tuscaloosa is the county seat of 1,340 square mile Tuscaloosa County, which also includes the municipalities of Northport and Brookwood. The City's 77,906 inhabitants (2000) represent over half of Tuscaloosa County's 164,875 population. The home of the University of Alabama, Stillman College, Shelton State Community College, and several large hospitals, Tuscaloosa looms large in the educational and institutional infrastructure of Alabama. Its diversified industrial base is anchored by the 1,900 employee Mercedes-Benz M-Class SUV assembly plant which commenced production in 1997. The plant had already undergone two 40 million expansion when, in August 2000, Mercedes-Benz announced a $600 million project to double the plant's size and production capacity by the year 2004, employing an additional 2,000 workers. When the expansion is completed, the plant will have a capacity of approximately 160,000 units per year.

The University of Alabama has a website for prospective students. Please visit this link for additional information.

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